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AFA ID 2014: AniSong Lineup

“AniSong amazing line up is out !!! Get your glow sticks and Get ready to be Electrified! “ Saturday 16.08.214  DJ Kazu Eir Aoi Hachioji P EGOIST Sunday 17.08.214  DJ Kazu GARNiDELiA  Luna Haruna T.M Revolution  Deng! Deng! Deng ! Japanaese pop duo consisting of a songwriter Ryo [Supercell ] and the amazing vocalist , Chelly will be making their debut appearance this year in AFA ID 2014 AniSong Concert ! EGOIST perform for the anime series ” Guilty Crown” with the heroine of the story Inori Yuzuriha as the vocalist. Even after the anime came to an end,...

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AFA ID 2014: Event Highlights

“Asia’s BIGGEST Anime and Japanese Pop Culture Convention is back in Indonesia“ Minna-san!!! Are you ready for Asia’s largest anime and Japanese pop culture convention? AFA Indonesia 2014 is back with a blast and full of surprises! And No, you didn’t read it wrongly. AFA ID 2014 is really back in Indonesia and I am sure you guys can’t wait for it as well. Come and experience Japanese pop culture to its fullest brought to you by SOZO. Well, before we start with all the exciting news and highlights, let’s go through some of AFA ID’s history in case some of...

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Ao Haru Ride [ Anime ]

  A love story between two person in junior high but was never expressed. Fate has given them a chance again. What will it be this time? Are some people really meant to fall in love but never meant to be together? The story begins as Yoshioka Futaba wants to change her image and life as a new high school student. The reason she wanted to change her image is because she was cute and pretty in junior high and was ostracized by her female friends. The other reason was due to a misunderstanding in junior high , she...

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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus (Anime)

Do you love Kuroshitsuji ? Do you love Sebastian and Ciel ? Do you want to continue living in your beautiful fantasy with a perfect butler beside you and a tinge of fun? If yes, then Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus is perfect for you !!! The story is set in the late nineteenth century in England where the Noah’s Ark Circus enlivens the dull city life of London with their grandeur and spectacular performances. However, behind all this lovely splendor, children are mysteriously disappearing from the town in a manner of correlating the troupe’s movement. The Queen was worried...

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Barakamon (Anime)

A new anime by Satsuki Yoshino produced by Kinema Citrus has come forth Barakamon !!! I have watched the first episode of this anime and personally like it very much. It’s amazing how it touched my heart although it’s not really a sad story ( more of a comedy actually ) but the warmth of it can be strongly felt. I really like the setting very much as it is set in a village far from the urban and hectic life of a city. It also portrays a great deal of humanity and love. Here’s a little about Barakamon....

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