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AFA TH 2015: ‘I Love Anisong’ Concert Review

This is the first time that Anime Festival Asia held an Anisong Live Concert in Thailand. It spanned two days filled with exciting performances. The halls were colored in neon colors waving to the rhythm of the music and performance of the artiste. I Love Anisong Concert Day 1 This slideshow requires JavaScript.   Angela took the stage and rocked the souls of the audience. Their performance had so much energy that kept the feet of the audience jumping. Follow on next Kalafina made an entrance with the song ‘Believe’ and the audience continued to be dazzled by the trio’s amazing vocals and...

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AFATH X BCC 2015 Where Dreams Come Alive Review

“Where The Best Of Eastern and Western Pop Culture Meets” Anime Festival Asia Thailand x Bangkok Comic Con 2015 AFA TH x BCC was one heck of a huge event having situated at the Bangkok International Trade and Convention Centre. and ran for four long days from 30th April to 3rd May. On each of the four days, the halls were thronged with an enormous amount of people dressed in costumes and creative clothing, complete with weapons and props. It was truly a sight to behold. Entering the halls of AFA TH was like entering the gateway of heaven. People dashed to the respective booths...

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CSPLYeu Cosplay Photobook Project

Cosplay started off as a simple hobby but has since evolved greatly over time. Some did it for fun. Others had opinions that it was something special that allows them to become who they are not. The pleasure and excitement in transforming one’s looks and parading as a character they love is rather delightful. The simplistic idea of cosplaying has now travelled everywhere, bringing joy and hope to many people around the globe. It is inspiring and spreads smiles across faces, uniting people who might be so different in person but shared the same passion. It’s about sharing and spreading the love and joy. So today, I am...

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Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015

Penang itself is a beautiful place filled with lots of cultural heritage. It’s capital Georgetown will host the Penang Anime Matsuri for very the first time this May. Come along this summer and join in the fun ! What is Penang Anime Matsuri ? Penang Anime Matsuri is an event organized by SOZO ( Producer of AFA -Anime Festival Asia ) to give exposure to people about Japanese Pop and Anime Sub-culture. Malaysia hosts a diverse and ever-increasing number of such events, and Georgetown will be the next  place to play hosts for such an event. This event is to give everyone a phenomenal...

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Animax Carnival Malaysia 2015 Review

ANIMAX Carnival Malaysia was held for the 4th year at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre on the 28th of March 2015 and 29th of March 2015. Early in the morning, many people were already filling the event grounds. The queue was long and took much effort to clear because the attendees had to walk through a long zigzag path to the counter to get an entry stamp and then proceed to squeeze around again until they were finally able to enter the event hall. Sadly, it was quite a disappointment that the hall was quite small and the lighting was dark which makes the...

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