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[MOVIE] AV IDOL(2012) << R21 rating...

What happens when the Adult Video industry visits Korea? The “can do” spirit of the Japanese people is lit’ed like wild fire! With just a skeleton crew of a Director, Cameraman, Make-up artist and the Actress on a limited budget, they are set on creating yet another hit AV for the world! The actress, or the AV IDOL is named Ryoko and is the top actress of Japan, famous in even in Korea, she takes pride in her job and is a professional! And under her is Yuna, an innocent Korean girl who had all her live wants to...

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ZEONIC TOYOTA’s Auris RS Spackage

  Interestingly Toyota have chosen to work with the makers of the Zaku Mobile Suits, Zeonic Corp on creating a new car based on their popular AURIS car branding. Already they have 1 on display at car shows in Japan. UDX Carpark reports that the AURIS will be fitted with the new RS Spackage for the wonderful look along with the rebranding. It’s look really good~ But still I would prefer the Prius C~ For more picture, visit UDX Carpark, but it’s in Japanese. Source: via UDX...

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Culture Japan Night Penang! First post in 2013!

Yikes! Work have really made me very slow huh… This is my first post in 2013, ha… Well it’s only quite right that i use it for my first event of the year yah? I went to Penang to “help out” a little at Danny Choo’s Culture Japan Night Penang 2013, I didn’t really do a lot and didn’t get much picture of the event itself but do allow me to share with you some stuff about Penang. On the spot cooking, no pre cooked food! Uncle add more oil ah! Yummy Fried Kway Tiow~ Long queue, people many...

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Winter 2012’s anime is really … Psycho Pass & Chu2

GOOD! Despite me being rather busy with work and events, the animes i managed to catch this season still exceeds the numbers i would usually watch, which is about 3. Not counting the animes from the previous seasons like Sword Art Online, Muv Luv Alternative or Space Brothers. So what are the really good ones? Let’s see, off hand, I have; Psycho Pass It’s one of the Noitamina time slot anime and with it usually comes high quality and good story. And Psycho Pass does not disappoint, after it is made by Production I.G with the good looking, clean...

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SG: THE EOY12 in Pictures~

The EOY 2012 held on the 9th of December was quite am event for me. Afterall I have practically missed most of the AFA12 activities due to work. So this is one of the real chance for me to truly witness the current state of cosplay within Singapore as well as the dojin art scene. And nicely, also an event to sit down and have a good chat with friends. The environment sure didn’t deter us from doing that, with a partially cloudy sky and a cool late afternoon. Photographer had a field of a good time too, with the...

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