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Live Action: Nodame Cantabile The Movie!

Using the same cast from the 2008 TV series, Ueno Juri as Nodame and Hiroshi Tamaki as Chiaki Shinichi, the pair is going to be bringing us the first part of the Paris shortly after ther Europe special. Yup, that is after Chiaki won the competition and got the job as the conductor of La Marlet Orchestra. Only to find out that… Well fan of the series, be it the manga or anime should know the what is next… Chiaki’s big step into the world of professional music.Which part 1 of the 2 part movie. The movie opens in...

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Dream Wife: Yui!

Well for the last few months of last years and 2 of this(well she was 3 in Jan and Feb). Other then being out by Sheryl Nome and Ranka on the begining of this year, due mostly to the release of the Macross Frontier movie. Well what does this actually shows? It shows that men still likes to take care of our women… No need to be too bright but enough to amaze. [Source: Sankaku...

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Sin-Scene: Dream Walking Again.

Singapore’s version of something like Nanoha is released! Dream Walker, into it’s second volume, named A Child’s Dream, was released on Monday 8th march 2010 , and is on sale at all good comics shops. In this volume, which at the time of writing, I haven’t read yet. Yume(Singapore’s Nanoha or Sakura equivalent) and Ken(Xiao Ran?) encounters their first truly tough opponent, Belle(Fate?). Will they be able to defeat her or put an end to the nightmare incident? Find out by reading the 2nd volume of Dream Walker. For those who have not encounted the DreamWalker project before, please...

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4th Annual Seiyuu Awards

Over the weekend, the winner for the 4th Seiyuu Awards have been announce and there are quite a few surprises. So here is simple rundown of who the winners are, you might be surprised. Best Leading Actor: Daisuke Ono Kuroshitsuji’s Sebastian Best Leading Actress Miyuki Sawashiro CANAAN’s Canaan Letter Bee’s Lag Seeing Kimi ni Todoke’s Ayane Yano(Yano chin) Best supporting Actor Daisuke Namikawa 07-Ghost’s Mikage Kimi ni Todoke’s Shota Kazehaya Shinichiro Miki FMA: Brotherhood’s Roy Mustang Gundam OO’s Lockon Stratos Best Supporting Actress Kikuko Inoue Clannad After Story’s Sanae Furukawa Macross Frontier’s Grace O’Connor Yui Horie Toradora!’s Minori Kushieda...

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May’n Asia: Sunway Pyramid

Well to tell the truth, KL have one of the most hectic evening traffic in all the places i have been too… yes it’s worst than Bangkok. Maybe that is why Sunway Prymaid is sooooo out of the way from the KL central, so far away that, it’s a 30 minutes ride by taxi, cost of ride, RM27 to RM30. But that has to be the place May’n makes a personal appearance. During the short 15 to 20 minute event, some 50 to 70 people turned up at anime tech, Sunway Pyramid. Chanting and calling for May’n, whose late...

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