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AFA09: Interview with Yoshiki Fukuyama

Similar to the video interview of Danny Choo, we have  a video of Yoshiki Fukuyama, a member of JAM Project and best well know as the singing voice of Basara from Macross 7. He is a very interesting person to talk to, with many interesting findings, during the course of the interview. Did you know that Yoshiki-san wants to be a Ani-song singer during childhood, and then he started off as a part of a Hard Rock Band. See the video to find out more! httpvhd:// Special thanks to the SP LifeArts crew, the reporter from MTV Asia and...

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Gundam Unicorn on Big Screen

Gundam Unicorn have already been released in 7 regions on the 12th of March and the Sheng Tai together with Bandai Singapore is organising a screening of the 1 hour first episode at Shaw Bugis. But there is a condition… You must buy a Gundam Unicorn Plastic model kit inorder to redeem the free movie ticket. On the other end, if you have a Playstation 3 and Playstation Home, you can goto the Home Theatre auditorium 2 to view a 7 minutes preview of the anime or proceed to the Japanese PS Home for the full thing without subs....

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K-On! New Character?!

Meet Miura Akane-chan, a new character in the smash hit, K-On! Details about her is currently only found on an unnamed Japanese magazine, scans are below. But We do know that she loves music and might be joining the afternoon tea time! [Source: @cowboybibimbop] The scans of the magazine are above, but where it’s comes from is currently a mystery to me too… So I would like to apologise if it turns out to be a prank… But if it’s indeed real, Credits to @cowboybibimbop for the tip...

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AFA09: Interview with Danny Choo

For those who have known me since my ploytechnic days(SP LifeArts), you would have known that being like Danny Choo is something like my goal in life. So one would have an idea when I was given a chance to speak to him during AFA09 last year over a variety of topics during an interview. It’s not really a talkshow style thing, but you could really catch on the vibes thanks to the coolness of Danny. It’s not sure whether if Danny Choo will be coming over to Singapore or the asia region anytime soon but he will be...

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Too March Movie.

This march, there seems to be a Japanese movie festival, with the release of 2 Japanese live-action movie and 2 animated ones. Within a short range of just 1 to 2 weeks… Well we are in for a treat! Remember, just before March, we have Summer Wars, and it’s still on screen at selected Cathy theater, an award wining production by MADHouse studio together with Hosada Mamoru. Just to name a few, it have won, the best TAF animated film of the year, Award of Excellent in animation at the Japan’s 33rd Academy Awards and  Animation Grand Prize at...

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