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AFA SG 2015: Interview With Mimori Suzuko

Since her breakout role as Sherlock Shellinford in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Suzuki Mimori has worked extremely hard, reaching out to fans and building up her career. Her role of Sonoda Umi in Love Live! cemented her status in the ever-competitive seiyuu industry, and allowed her to break out of her shell to explore other options. Since then, her popularity has grown, as is her singing career. Having released 5 singles, 2 albums and already having her own solo live, Mimorin continues her annual visit to Singapore for Anime Festival Asia. This time, however, she’s not only representing Bushiroad, but also...

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AFA SG 2015: Interview With BACK-ON

  They have rocked many a house down in their storied history. Starting off with  “Chain”, the main theme for Air Gear, they have ventured into making themes songs for anime, games and even their own brand of rock. They produced arguably their greatest hit yet “Nibun no Ichi”, the opening theme for Gundam Build Fighters and have since continued on for Gundam Build Fighters Try. They have also been regular international performers, with trips to North and South America and of course a Singapore stop earlier in June. Making their second appearance this year as part of Anime...

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AFA SG 2015: Interview With Lia

The veteran Lia graces Anime Festival Asia for the first time. Most famously known for her openings and endings for many Key visual novels, most notably “Tori no Uta” for the PC game Air, often dubbed the “National Anthem” by the Japanese fanbase, she continued on her career with multiple hits, including songs for Initial D and Beatmania II DX . While she took an official hiatus in 2009 to get married and give birth to her daughter, she nonetheless continued releasing songs for recent anime and games, including Sega’s Shining series and most recently, “Bravely You” for the anime Charlotte, which continues her continual...

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AFA SG 2015: Interview With Taketatsu Ayana

Ayana Taketatsu has returned to Anime Festival Asia in Singapore after her last visit six years ago. After since she had made a break as Azusa Nakano from K-On from the debut, she had quickly rose to be one of the famous young voice actress and singer all over the world. She is also well known for her voice for Tsundere characters as well such as Itsuka Kotori, Martinozzi Eclair, Shimizu Miharu and Kōsaka Kirino. She have also debuted as an artist with Pony Canyon label since 2012 and has released two CD albums and seven Singles till date. As you are known to play more “Tsundere”...

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