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ANIPLUS January 2016 Anime Lineup

Here are the highlights of ANIPLUS 2016 January Anime line up. Haruchika (Same Day as Japan) An adolescent mystery that revolves around a brass band club with a touch of bittersweet high school love. Childhood friends Chika Homura and Haruta Kamijo belong to a small brass band club on the verge of dissolution. While active and busy practicing and enthusiastically recruiting new members, they come across various mysteries. Premiere 7 Jan, Every Thu 11pm (SIN) / 10pm (JKT/BKK) ERASED (Same Day as Japan) Satoru Fujinuma is a young manga artist struggling to make a name for himself following his debut. But, that...

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Eir Aoi World Tour 2015 -ROCK THE WORLD!- IN SINGAPORE

A new date has been set for Eir Aoi World Tour 2015 – ROCK THE WORLD! – IN SINGAPORE. Previously slated for 3 October 2015, the new date for the concert is on 9 January 2016. This would be the first time Eir Aoi will be performing her first ever solo live in Singapore. The venue is still at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa. Although Eir Aoi has been to Singapore twice, this will be her first time holding a concert on her own. In light of Eir Aoi’s health, as she just recovered from pneumonia, and due to...

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AFA ID 2015: Interview With Nano

Nano is a utaite on Nico Nico Douga and Youtube known for her strong and tomboyish voice. She is also considered to be a ryouseirui because of her deep voice she’s capable of singing on both genders. She can sing in both Japanese and English, as she was born in New York. Adding on to that, she is also song writer who often covers Vocaloid songs in English, giving them a western touch without losing the original style. Following her debut album Nanoir released in 2012, in just over a year, Nano held her first ever live performance on March...

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AFA ID 2015: Interview With GARNiDELiA

Formed in 2010,  GARNiDELiA is a Japanese music unit consisting of vocalist MARiA and producer Toku. Before the formation of the group MARiA is famous utaite and odorite on NicoNico Douga , covering many popular Vocaloid songs, personal music videos (Lamb) together with the dancers Miume and Kamen Liar 217. Toku on the other hand, is quite a well known music producer that had written many hit songs for well-artistes such as LiSA, Angela Aki, and AnCafe. Before collaborating with MARiA and forming the group GARNiDELiA . The duo specialized on unique digital music that raved many hearts of young people. Their music...

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AFA ID 2015: Interview With fripSide

Japanese trance and pop duo group fripSide, was formed by composer Satoshi Yaginuma and singer Nao in 2002. In 2009 Nanjo Yoshino joined the group, becaming the second-generation vocalist of fripSide. Blasting in with their debut single “only my railgun” making it on the Oricon weekly chart at 3rd position. Following that, the continued success in their release hits dominating the Oricon weekly charts with songs from opening theme song of To aru Kagaku no Railgun  (LEVEL 5 -judgelight) , (future gazer), and the famous (sister’s noise) taking the top spot in the Oricon chart. This is not your first trip to Indonesia, so what are you looking...

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