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AKB48: AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2012 Day 3, Day of Suprises

Request Hour 2012 Day 3 ended not too long ago, and wow, has today been a day of surprises. Many new entries to the top 50 this year, some not even expected. Really shows that the fans are trying their best to push their favorites this year. Without further ado, the set list today: Request Hour Setlist Best 100 Day 3 TOP 50 Announcer: Yukirin Overture 50- Mammoth (K4: Sayaka, Yuko, Sae, Umechan, Chiyuu, Mocchi, Kana, Yuka, Natsumi, Tanamin, Micha, Harukyan, Shiichan, Chikarina, Mayuchi) MC: Old Team K 49- Omoide Ijou (S3 : Jurina, Yukiko, Kanako) 48- Zannen Shoujo (B4: Mayuyu, Mayuchi, Tomochin) 47- Kuchi utsushi no chocolate (B4: Yukirin, Lovetan, Nacchan) MC: Team Sugar 46- Gyakuten Oujisama (K6 : Miichan, Mayuchi, Tomochin) 45- Ookami to pride (S3 : Kuumin, Yuria) 44- MARIA (K3 : Yuka, Umechan, Chiyuu) 43- 10nen zakura (HKT ver) 42- Dareka no tame ni (A3 : senbatsu + Suuchan, Myao) MC: Mariko, Shiichan, Umechan, HKT (Team Fukuoka) 41- Kuroi Tenshi (A5 : Acchan, Akicha, Reinyan) 40- Yuuhi wo mite iru ka (singers: Team 4, speech: Minarun) MC: Team 4 39- Pioneer (A6 : Team A) 38- Temodemo no namida (B3 : Yukirin, Matsui Rena) MC: Takamina, Sayaka, Yukirin 37- Enjou Rosen (A6, singers: Sasshi, Akicha) Video message from Sekine Tsutomu 36- Enkyori poster (Yukirin, Sae, Akicha, Lovetan, Aamin, Moeno, Myao) 35- Shoujotachi yo ( Nyan,...

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Oricon Weekly: 02-01-2012, Happy New Year!

httpv:// Happy New Year! The first Oricon Weekly result for the year of 2012. And the top 3 is consist of SMAP, L’Arc~en~Ciel and Acid Black Cherry. All boy bands. And the rest making up of the chart marathoners… Here are the results for this weeks Oricon charts: 12/19-12/26 1.02 Rank Week Title Artist 474953 1 NEW Boku no hanbun SMAP 130190 2 NEW CHASE L’ Arc~en~Ciel 71894 3 NEW CRISIS Acid Black Cherry 52055 4 2 We never give up Kis-My-Ft2 22827 5 3 Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!/Love Story Namie Amuro 21110 6 3 Ue Kara Mariko AKB48...

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SMAP in Singapore for Softbank new CM

Popular group SMAP appears in the latest commercials for SoftBank Mobile! Sporting matching white suits, the members of SMAP strut about the rooftop of the high class Singapore resort “Marina Bay Sands“ for the CM. Other scenes include the group having a party at a beautiful tropical park overflowing with greenery, and SMAP enjoying themselves at a pool located on the rooftop of MBS. Filming for the commercial took place on March 3rd. A helicopter was used for several shots. SMAP member Kimura Takuya was also said to have been extremely impressed by Marina Bay Sands, commenting that the...

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Maeda Atsuko to star in “Hana Kimi“ remake

AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko is going to star in a new version of the drama “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e – Ikemen Paradise“, widely known as just “Hana Kimi“, this summer. Fuji TV aired a drama of the same title back in 2007, starring Horikita Maki. Just like the Horita Maki, Maeda is going to play a girl who has to disguise herself as a boy in order to get enrolled into a boys’ boarding school for certain reasons. There is no doubt that the cast will be made up full of hot, young actors and idols again, making it difficult...

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C.J. Lewis reworks SNSD’s “Genie”

Shoujo Jidai(SNSD) has announced that they will be releasing a new Japanese album in July. To promote this new album, Shoujo Jidai has managed to get British singer C.J. Lewis to rework the Korean idol group hit track “GENIE” for an English remix version of their hit song! The song has been uploaded onto Universal Music Japan’s official YouTube channel. Although the video is just a teaser, the song features lines that are entirely in English and promises an official release sometime this July. Check it out:...

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