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Disappearing Dreams of Sushi

Sushi, which was once largely confined to the Tokyo street vendor scene, is now a worldwide obsession. Hanaya Yohei is credited with creating the modern version of sushi that so many people know and love at the end of Japan’s Edo period. Being more palatable to a wider range of tastes and quicker to prepare than the original, Yohei’s version of sushi was bound to come into favor across the globe. Today, sushi can be found virtually everywhere, from mall food courts and grocery store delis to high end restaurants and theme park food stalls. The dish is in high demand, and attracts more fans each year. While sushi has experienced numerous reinventions in the form of vegetarian, vegan, dessert, and other versions which are more fun than authentic, most sushi consumed around the world is made of raw fish. As a result, the bluefin tuna, a very popular species used for making sushi, is being over-consumed. The demand for fresh sushi now outweighs the supply of fish available in the world’s oceans and water bodies, which is a big environmental issue. It’s doubtful that people will stop clamoring for rainbow rolls and maguro, so the question now is: how can people continue to enjoy eating sushi while decreasing the environmental impacts of its consumption? Bluefin tuna is an ocean predator that plays a key role in water ecosystems....

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Jellyfish Eyes Review

Anime has long been used by artists and storytellers to explain the history, culture, and great tragedies of their countries. From Akira and its look at the fallout from a nuclear attack, to Grave of the Fireflies and its first hand account of the aftermath of war, anime have often told the most difficult stories in beautiful, artistic, and unique ways. While Jellyfish Eyes is not an anime in the traditional sense – much of the film is live action, with computer generated special effects added in – it does feel much like an anime in the way the...

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A Mecha Battle for the Ages!

Next year June, is set to be the battle of the century for giant mecha enthusiasts as an American team from MegaBot USA and Suidobashi Heavy Industry battle for supremacy in a real life robot battle. CEO Kogoro Kurata of Suidobashi has stated unequivocally that Japan must win this as mecha are a vital part of their national culture – so in honor of this battle for the ages, let’s take a look at the top five mecha anime of all time! Robotech Though this is a conglomeration of three Japanese-made animes, it has become a staple of the...

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Make It Pop and the Worldwide Hallyu Wave

Nickelodeon has always been on top of the latest teen and “tween” trends, so it’s unsurprising to see them introduce K-pop music to a new generation of American listeners in Make It Pop, one of their latest TV shows. Make It Pop is the story of four teens in Mackendrick Preparatory High School, a boarding school on the United States east coast, who pool their various talents to form “XO-IQ”, a pop band inspired by K-pop music. Star-in-the-making Sun Hi (Megan Lee), fashionista Jodi (Louriza Tronco), and bookish Corki (Erika Tham) team with burgeoning DJ Caleb (Dale Whibley) to make up the musical part...

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Robotech Turns 30

The name Robotech is one held as seminal by veteran anime fans, right along with Akira, Astroboy, and Dragon Ball. To have seen the American TV series on its first run is to be a venerated sensei at manga / anime conventions. Now that the franchise is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, it’s a good time to look back and count just how much the anime movement in the West owes to Robotech. In brief, the franchise covers the story of a war between Earth and extraterrestrial aliens, using advanced technology, all over control of a power source....

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