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AFA SG 2015: Interview With ZAQ

In the past, you played the piano, why did you switched from it? In the past I have been playing classic on the piano, but with the introduction of anime songs, after listening to it. I eventually got addicted to it and moved on. Having performed recently as Aries from persona 3 stage play, what do you think is the most outstanding part acting and performing on stage? Having taken a different role, I was acting as an emotionless robot. As I have not performed in a play before, I wasn’t very confident on it. Ageis role however is a “talented singing...

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[New CD Release] Niji no Conquistador New Single, Alien Girl in New York / 虹のコンキスタドール「↓エイリアンガール・イン・ニューヨーク↑」

Niji no Conquistador have announced that their 5th Single, “Alien Girl in New York” will be released on the 17 May 2016 and as a DVD Single. The special for this single will be a music video that will be 60 minutes long. The song writer is Murakawa Motonari, who written ” Triangle Dreamer” from their 3rd single. For more info, please visit Really excited what the music video will be like. Credit...

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[CD NEW RELEASE] 虹のコンキスタドール – 戦場の聖バレンタイン (Niji no Conquistador – Senjou no Saint Valentine)

  Niji no Conquistador will be releasing their new single, 戦場の聖バレンタイン(Senjou no Saint Valentine) on 11 Feb 2016 in conjunction with Valentine Day, which is 3 days away from the release date. The song is about the yearly valentine day as a battlefield for girls that will be giving chocolate to the boys they love in school. The song is produced by KOMODA who also produce songs for Aimer and lyrics is written by NOBE, who written songs for Dempagumi Inc., Momoiro Clover Z and Prizmmy☆. They will also be having events in Japan to promote the New Single...

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CHEERZ iDOL AWARD 2015-The first anniversary-

CHEERZ idol award 2015 -The first anniversary- will be held in Daikanyama UNIT on 13 December 2015 as mark of the first year release of the application. It is to show the results of the idols that had used the application within the 1 year. Many awards will be given out but the eye-catching award that will be awarded on that day will be [BEST PERFORMANCE OF CHEERZ 2015]. The live event will be starting at 12.30pm and there will be performance by these groups Special 1 As a thanks for the use of the application, application user that...

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[Latest]ANIPLUS HD highlights for the month of December

Brining you ANIPLUS HD highlights for the month of December:   December Line-up Series Premiere – Galilei Donna 1 Dec, Every Tue 11pm (SIN) / 10pm (JKT/BKK) “The story of 3 sisters in the search of a mystery”. Three sisters, Hozuki, Kazuki and Hazuki, are descendants of Galileo and have completely different personalities and tastes; they never meet eye-to-eye. One day the girls are suddenly attacked by a mysterious organization. The organization was after the “Galileo Tesoro” which Galileo Galilei was said to have discovered. Still unaware of what was going on, the sisters escape on the airship they built...

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