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Aya Hirano Pisses Off Otaku

It has been reported that popular voice actress, Aya Hirano (of Haruhi & Lucky Star fame), is going to go beyond voice-acting and become a mainstream celebrity. She has also admitted to dating a lot of men, particularly older men. Her fanbase hasn’t taken her confessions well, as they have destroyed merchandise related to her. You can read more here. Are some otakus “teeny-boppers” or something? Just because Japanese idols show human traits doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. You can argue the same for American female celebrities as well. As an article on indicates, certain...

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Evangelion 2.22 You Can Not Advance local release coming soon

Here’s some good news for Evangelion fans. According to sources, Evangelion 2.22 will have a local DVD release very soon (within the first half of July). While there are fans who have manged to source them in from Japan or Hong Kong for quite a while now, the difference is that not only does it come with English and Chinese subtitles, it also will be priced significantly lower than overseas sites like or Play-Asia. Still no word on a local Blu-Ray release so let’s keep our fingers...

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Hello? Ani-Culture here?

Welcome to a place that is going to become another portal to the anime world of Manga, anime, games, technology, and etc… But for now… We are still prepping the place for launch… So do check back here soon for updates… Feel free to contact us at...

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