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[Xperience Japan in Thailand] Maidreamin EKAMAI Store

Maidreamin is a famous maid cafe in Japan, but do you know that they have a oversea branch and is within South East Asia? Maidreamin Ekamai is situated at Gateway Ekamai also which is most of the Japanese restaurant can be found there as well. For those that are traveling to Bangkok and also a fan of maid cafe, you can pop by and have a look. Menu Food plays an important part as well, here is some of the food that is offered in the cafe~ For the cafe also have the Giant Menu which comes with a Giant meal as well as a chance to take a chieki with all the Meidos that is present that day.  This is one of the highly recommended by us, the Giant Takoyaki.     Live Event   There will be also live event within the cafe as well. You can also request a live at a cost of 400 Baht per live~     Experience Due that we cannot take a video of the whole process, we will pen down our experiences here instead. So when you reach Gateway Ekamai you will be able to see Maidreamin on the left hand side at a corner. In front of the cafe, you will be greeted by the maids and bringing you in to your seat. For Maidreamin Maid Cafe, they uses...

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Parasyte -the maxim- is coming to Asia on ANIMAX

Warning !  When watching this anime you might want to cover your ear and nose and might as well your eyes. Be afraid! Be very afraid! These alien parasites are coming to get you and invade your bodies. The world we know is about to change. Come 9 October, worm-like alien creatures will slither their way into Animax’s airwaves as Parasyte -the maxim- premieres across Asia on the same day as Japan, in original Japanese audio with localized subtitles. Based on Hitoshi Iwaaki’s award-winning manga, Parasyte -the maxim- will infuse the late 1980s – 1990s classic with a modern...

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STGCC 2014: Cosplay Stage Runway

Another year at STGCC means another edition to their cosplay stage runway! We at Team Ani-Culture was down at the STGCC Stage and shot this stage event and made this post just for the “COSPLAY@STGCC” cosplay runway! Enjoy the pictures from the gallery below!...

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Cosplay Mania Evolution 2014

Back for its’s 7th year Cosplay Mania Evolution 14 is Philippine’s premiere event for cosplay. As Cosplay continues to rise as a creative hobby for the young and old, the event continues to draw bigger crowds, with more than 25,000 attendees for last year’s two-day event. Celebrating more than 10 years of Philippine cosplay history since the start back in 2000, attendees this year are in for a treat with the exclusive line up of activities,special  guests, band performance, exhibitors and lots more. Cosplay Mania Evolution 14 happens on October 4 and 5, 2014 at the Function Rooms 3-5 of the...

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Dragon Nest World Championships 2014 (WORLD DOMINATION)

  Leading game publisher Cherry Credits has announced today that  one qualifying team from South East Asia (SEA) will be awarded an all-expenses trip to compete on a global stage at the Dragon Nest World Championships 2014 – being held in Bali, Indonesia. To win this all-expenses-paid opportunity to represent their region and country at the Global Final, teams from Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore are invited to sign up to compete in a series of online qualifying rounds, taking place in October 2014, with in-country winning teams being flown in to Singapore for the SEA Playoffs in November 2014....

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