Hikari Chiya 光千夜

Age: Erm…
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Japanese born in Singapore
Birthday: 26th February …

Finally I made an account with Ani-culture.net to post stuff ne~ I removed my age so it’s now 秘密~ I have a confession… even thou I’m half Japanese… My Japanese is not very good…

I’ll try my best to post from time to time but no promises ok? Afterall the studies here is so different from my tim… from where I came from… hehe…

My interest are cute cloths, music, figmas, movies and actress, especially liked Maeda Atsuko-sama! She is the best!

I love my father a lot too, since he introduced Maeda-sama to me when I was younger, in fact she looks so young now! Where are you Pa Pa?! I miss you… T_T…

Eitherway I look forward to my adventure here!

Chiya Signing off!

Chiya Spring wallpaper~

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