The idol group 22/7 is the idol group that the recently viral bilingual idol, Amaki Sally, is part of. The idol group is created by veteran producer, Yasushi Akimoto, Sony Music Records and Aniplex. The group is supposed to consist of twelve female voice artist, auditioned by over ten thousand participants.

Each voice artist is supposed to voice a character, each created by a different character designer.

The members are,

Sally Amaki voicing the character Sakura Fujima (藤間 桜 Fujima Sakura)
Sakura is the 17-year-old daughter of a good family. She is designed by Kantoku.

Ruri Umino voices Jun Toda (戸田 ジュン Toda Jun)
Jun is a 16-year-old high class girl who behaves like a tsundere. She is designed by Masayoshi Tanaka.

Mizuha Kuraoka voice Miyako Kōno (河野 都 Kōno Miyako)
Miyako is an egoistical girl who speaks in Kansai dialect. She is 15 years old. Miyako is designed by Mieko Hosoi.

Nagomi Saijō voicing Miu Takigawa (滝川 みう Takigawa Miu)
At 16 years old, Miu is a bit of an ignorant otaku who covers her eyes with her hair bangs. Miu is designed by Yukiko Horiguchi.

Kanae Shirozawa voicing, Akane Maruyama (丸山 あかね Maruyama Akane)
A 17 years old, She is designed by Tometa Ohara.

Mei Hanakawa voicing Nicole Saitō (斎藤 ニコル Saitō Nikoru)
A 17 years old Nicole is designed by Kurehito Misaki.

Chiharu Hokaze voices Reika Satō (佐藤 麗華 Satō Reika)
A 17 years old, she is part of the Student Council and an honour student. Reika is designed by Hirokazu Koyama.

Reina Miyase voices Ayaka Tachikawa (立川 絢香 Tachikawa Ayaka)
An aggressive and militant girl. Ayaka is 16 years old. She is designed by Koharu Sakura.

The remaining three members Moe Suzuhana, Urara Takazitsura and Aina Takenaka‘s characters have not been announced.

Despite the above, they currently already have 1 single on sale with an anime planned to be coming in 2018. Below is a vevo of their latest single, Bokuwa Sonzai Shiteinakatta.

You can definitely continue to enjoy the entertaining daily showroom of Sally-chan but please do support the group too!

22/7 Official Website:

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