The Cathay’s annual and highly anticipated event is back! J-Obsession 2016 is a three-day tribute to the quirkiest, kookiest and most creative of Japanese culture. Expect nothing short of a sub-culture explosion as international and local cosplayers and musicians come together for a weekend soaked in the best of manga, anime and J-pop.

From cosplay parades and competitions to performances and guest appearances by some of Japan’s most popular artistes and cosplayers like Asahi Martha and Anzu Manaka, and music extraordinaire Osamuraisan, J-Obsession 2016 is all about a power-packed weekend of the most colourful side of Japan.

“We’re thrilled to bring back the iconic J-Obsession weekend which has become a landmark event worth anticipating. The Cathay believes in the freedom of expression through the arts, music and design and we’re proud to support local youths and different sub-culture communities by giving them an avenue to express their creativity and live out their passions,” said Lena Tan, Marketing Manager of The Cathay.


Guest Cosplayer


1917630_1654131584860504_4468789991388276656_n Credit: Martha facebook

Martha Asahi is a Japanese cosplay performer known for her spectacular female and male cosplays. She is a member of the famed cosplaying group VENas.S Japan, which tours around Asia to provide energetic stage performances aimed at promoting anime, manga and cosplay cultures at special showcase events. For Martha, her passion and career are not separated as she is both a cosplayer and mangaka, a Japanese comic artist.

Martha Asahi gained strong popularity after winning the 2011 King of Fighters Official Cosplay Contest in Japan, and this marked the turning point of her cosplaying career as she began receiving several offers to perform outside of Japan. Over the years, she has travelled to countries including France, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, and attended events such as the 2014 Tokyo Game Show, 2013 Animate Girls’ Festival, 2012 License 2 Play, 2011 Wonder Cosplay Festival and more. She has cosplayed characters including Claude Faustus (Black Butler), Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon) as well as Shougo (Love Stage!!), to name a few. Cosplaying has also opened other doors for Martha Asahi, including modelling.

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1040208_1005077936225887_2808894161520504852_o credit: Anzu facebook

Anzu Manaka is a Japanese cosplay performer specialising in kawaii or cute representations. As a member of the cosplaying group VENas.S Japan, she has seven years of cosplaying experience under her belt. Anzu has also portrayed the main character in the popular 6 Hearts Princess stage performances. In addition, she is the official cosplayer at Karaoke DAM, a “cos-kara” event where cosplayers from all over the world sing karaoke to create and boost awareness of the cosplaying culture.

Anzu has also made numerous appearances on Fuji Television ONE’s cosplay TV programme, “Cos Cos Play Play” that invites trending celebrities and idols on the show. The programme showcases events and cosplay runways that includes appearances on the legendary Avex’s A-Nation stage, an annual series of summer concerts held in various cities in Japan. During the times when Anzu was invited to appear on the TV show, she cosplayed characters from Macross F, Lucky Star, Bio Hazard and Hatsune Miku.

Anzu is a new face to local cosplayers and J-Obsession 2016 marks her first visit to Singapore. She has previously made appearances at the Tokyo Game Show, Cosplay Cure CCC, as well as other overseas events such as Animation Comic Game Hong Kong in 2014 and Australia ANIMANIA in 2012.
To date, Anzu has cosplayed over 50 characters, mainly from her favorite animations and games.

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Here is a message video from Anzu and Martha

Guest Musician


 credit: osamuraisan website

Osamuraisan is a popular guitarist who belongs to a trending group of Japanese music makers known as Utaite. Osamuraisan covers previously released songs including original J-pop classic and rock songs, as well as popular anime and movie songs on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga.

He first posted his music creations on the internet in October 2007. Within nine years, he has built an impressive fan base, with over 87,700 followers on Twitter and 160,000 subscribers on YouTube. To date, the views amassed on his YouTube channel exceeds 27 million view counts. The music creations that receive the best reception amongst his audiences are the series of videos that feature the rock music genre with his acoustic guitar.

Osamuraisan has performed at various events including Summer Sonic 2011, Spring Scream 2012, as well as other music events held by Pierre Nakano, a member of Japanese indie rock band “Ling Tosite Sigure”, and Japanese pop singer, Yohito Teraoka. His acoustic music style also appeals across continents to masses of international fans who fly in from US, Canada, Argentina to watch his performances. In 2014, the tickets to his live performances in Taiwan were sold out.

With his rich musical exposure in an orchestra and a band, Osamuraisan is adept at playing not only the guitar, but also the piano, trumpet and harmonica. These instruments are also often heard in his works. While he is a composer, he has gained significant recognition in the Utaite community because of his inspiring Vocaloid arrangements.
Osamuraisan is known to don the Yukata, a traditional Japanese clothing, during his live performances. He is often praised for having beautiful, long fingers, and is sometimes asked to be a hand model. At his own leisure, he enjoys drinking coffee and brewing it for his friends and family.
The Cathay’s J-Obsession 2016 will be Osamuraisan’s first visit to Singapore.

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Vocaloid Medley – Kagerou Project

Frozen “Let It Go” Cover

Live at YouTube Space Tokyo, March 21 2015


So mark your calendars on this 3 dates and see you there.


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