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In the past, you played the piano, why did you switched from it?

In the past I have been playing classic on the piano, but with the introduction of anime songs, after listening to it. I eventually got addicted to it and moved on.


Having performed recently as Aries from persona 3 stage play, what do you think is the most outstanding part acting and performing on stage?

Having taken a different role, I was acting as an emotionless robot. As I have not performed in a play before, I wasn’t very confident on it. Ageis role however is a “talented singing robot” in this case, so being a singer myself, I thought to myself that I have to performed the role well.

Ever since you have entered the music industry, did you have any chance or any point to collaborate with Chihara Minori?

We did a collaboration in Sendai previously during Lantis Festival with my debut song Sparkling Daydream and and her song, Kyoukai no Kanata. I also got to play the piano it’s a collaboration which I treasure a lot.

You are a song composer for many other singers and groups as well, recently you have also written Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari for μ’s as well for the movie. What is the main difficulties when come to song composing?

The main difficulties would be during the composing the song, the personality of the character who is singing have to be strictly considered.  Taking for example, I’m not able to sing those “Kapikapi” (cute) songs . However, I find it amazing that when such songs are sung by other artistes, they are able to draw out the “power” of it which is several times better than me.

With that in mind, I came up with the ending song which best fit for μ’s in the ending of the Love Live! movie.
Kapikapikapi~~ (laugh)

Who inspired you to be an artist and how did you start your career as one?

The one that have struck my  anisong inspiration is definitely seiyuu-singer Minori Chihara, which we have talked about earlier. I had watched her live concert and I was awe by the energy which she was able to get the crowd energized and unite as a one together and hence fore admired her ever since.

How would you describe your music? What kind of singer do you aspire to be?

Chaos (everyone laugh)

Chaotic! (Laugh)

It is all over the place and I love to try new stuffs and challenge many things.

Have you considered writing songs of other genres besides anisong and pop?

I really want to! I hope to be able to write songs for foreign artistes one day for sure. I really like Hip-hop and I really hope to do hip-hop in japan too.

Since you have produced and wrote your own music, do you ever have any sort of writer’s block during the course of writing the music?

I do have that a lot.

Your songs tend to have a very unusual electronic style. What is your choose to have such style?

Electronic music that I like tends to comprise of different instruments and elements which I can challenge or play with. Overall electronic music is easy for everyone and goes well with anisongs.

In 2015 Animelo Summer Live, you had a fantastic rap battle with motsu, as well as other collaborations with fhána. What is the most difficult part of doing collaborations with other artists?

The collaboration with fhána during this year anisama was rather difficult. fhána’s collaboration song was one of their well-known piece. I was afraid that fhána’s fans might not accept my singing style when collaborating with fhána’s song but at the same time, it was trilling as the collaboration is interesting.

fhána and my voice are distinctively different, hence fore it is tough to balance and sing it in a way to bring out the feeling of the song to the audience.

To add on with the above question, who is the one next person that you would want to collaborate with?

(laughs) It’s a very difficult question to answer as there are so many people who I’d like to work with!

I’m really having fun with just imagining who to work with next!

I made up my mind, Kanon Wakeshima! She’s a cellist. She could play the cello as I play the piano, and it can be a collaboration where anyone of us can sing. This is definitely my top choice currently if I were to be able to choose who to collaborate with now.

How do you usually spend your free time?

I don’t have much free time in general. (laughs)

I do some information gathering when I have some time and search around the net for different music platforms via YouTube,  iTunes and HMV. I also enjoy walking into CD shops to check out what is the current mainstream music and look at the design of the CD jackets.

You are one of the few artists in the industry who was passionate enough to pursue a music degree. What advice would you give to young artistes who are discouraged from pursuing a path like yours (especially in Singapore)?

EHHH! (Replies in shock when told that Singaporean is encouraged to pursued more realistic goals in terms of career advancement rather than dreams.)
Why people stop pursuing their dreams of music career when there are so many music lovers in Singapore? You can experience different world and cultures! you can go for World peace! There are many thing you can do with music which i m really trying to tell you. Music is definitely something which can inspire(and save) others and to give hope to others. There are no other professions that can replace this related career that can inspire others to dream.

I feel that you should just go for it! Do not get dismayed by reality!! Go watch some Anime!!!

Go for it !! (in English)

What can we expect from you in the future?

ZAQ is different from most other artists as ZAQ does not have a core style of music to begin with.

ZAQ is always changing and never to stay in the same style. You can definitely expect something different from ZAQ everytime.

How are preparations for tonight’s concert (AFA’s I Love Anisong Reboot concert on Friday night) going?

I m planning to recreate the same tension or atmosphere to the one-man live I have done in Japan.

You have recently just concluded your live tour KURIZAQ, earlier this month. What are your best memories from this tour?

I performed in 3 shows during the tour and during the performance in Osaka, unfortunately we encountered some technical issues with the bass. However, the other band members immediately covered and follow up when they realized the issue.  I’m a solo singer where I don’t have experiences working with a band compared to the groups. i do felt that the bond between members in the band are very strong which is a very fulfilling memory.

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