Since her breakout role as Sherlock Shellinford in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Suzuki Mimori has worked extremely hard, reaching out to fans and building up her career. Her role of Sonoda Umi in Love Live! cemented her status in the ever-competitive seiyuu industry, and allowed her to break out of her shell to explore other options. Since then, her popularity has grown, as is her singing career. Having released 5 singles, 2 albums and already having her own solo live, Mimorin continues her annual visit to Singapore for Anime Festival Asia. This time, however, she’s not only representing Bushiroad, but also finally able to represent herself, and to show Singapore that there’s more to her singing than just her characters.


You played the role of Sonoda Umi in Love Live, What are the experience like during the recordings?

It have been 6 years since I took on the role of Umi, I do feel like gradually Umi and I are becoming one throughout this journey.

Apart being as a seiyuu, how do you feel about your participation in Cardfight vanguard stage play?

I feel that it does not really differ much, as both have something to do with acting. However, when I am voicing a character, I would definitely put in more effort to make my characters lively. As for the Vanguard stage play, which is starting in January, I will have to have to use my entire body to bring out the character.

Coupling has been a huge thing in the anime/manga world. In Love Live, who would you ship Umi-chan with?

Hmm … Since there are 9 members in the group, it’s an odd number, so someone would definitely be left out. Hmm … I feel that Umi-chan is quite a character that enjoy being alone.
However, if I really have to choose somebody, most probably I will choose Honoka. When Umi is with Honoka, Umi can revert being like a small young child as both of them grew up together into high schoolers. Therefore, it definitely have to be Honoka!

Please tell us more about your 5th single, “Light for Knight”, What would you do if you become a knight for one day?

Becoming a knight? Eh I’m a girl, and I do not want to become a knight! (Laughs) If possible, I hope that one day, my knight will appear instead. If I actually became a knight, hmm, I would most likely want to help out with the cute girls who needs help instead. (Laughs) As for the single, up to now most of my songs were feminine, cutesy type of songs, therefore this time, it’s cooler and more mature. If possible, I would like my fans to actually note and feel the difference in the song.

Congrats on the release of “Fun! Fun! Fantastic Funfair!”, any thoughts and what would be your ambition for the next one-man live?

In my point of view, “Fun Fun Fantastic Funfair” was not entirely a live, but more like a show performance where I will sing, dance and perform some acts as a seiyuu. I hope that for my next live, I can try something similar like a musical or a show with a different theme within my means.

Credit to Anime PONY CANYON

How do you feel about performing in a group and solo? Are there any significant differences?

For the group performances, everyone performs their role, but at the same time everyone helps and supports one another. Actually, I am not very fluent during the talking segment of the performances, but usually with the other members around, they will help me through it. I’m very thankful for these. I’m really grateful for their supports when performing in a group . I’ll motivate myself by thinking: “I’ll try my best not to let everyone down”.

As for the solo, I would usually tell myself: “I must pull through this whole thing, I’ve to be strong as there’s no one for me to rely on and I can only rely on myself.” I think it’s really very fun, as I could get all the all the attention. Everyone would be focusing on me!

Since you have voiced a character from Cardfight Vanguard (Tatsunagi Kourin), how do you feel the role of female character in traditional male-centric card games?

When I take on a character, I do not look where the series comes from, be it Shounen comic or Shoujo comics, but i will focus on their characteristics instead. Tatsunagi Kourin just happens to be a very mysterious and cool person. Though the cool and suave type is more common in traditional male arc type, I will just do my best to portray out the cool and suaveness of Tatsunagi Kourin.

What career would you have chosen if you’re not a seiyuu and/or singer?

If I was not a seiyuu, or a singer or a dancer/ musical actress, maybe I would become an English teacher instead. I actually majored in English when I was in university (Komazawa University). If it were not be be what I’m now, I would have continued with my studies and someday be an English teacher instead.

Could you please tell us some information about your upcoming song “ハッピーハッピークリスマス” (Happy Happy Christmas)?

It’s my first Christmas song I got to sing! I’m really really excited about this single. My wish is that my fans can actually link it with Christmas. I wrote this song with the feeling of “if it were Christmas, it will definitely be Mimori Suzuko’s Happy Happy Christmas”. I really wish everyone can listen to this song, not only just Japan fans, but Singapore fans and everyone as well.

Credit to Anime PONY CANYON

Do you have any Christmas wishes for your fans and for yourself?

Hmm, this is not really a Christmas wish, but on 31st of December, Muse would get to perform in “Kouhaku Uta Gassen”, the traditional new year TV show in Japan, for the first time. I hope that it will be a successful performance. I hope Santa would grant my wish that apart from Muse, I also hope that my solo career will flourish. (Laugh)


Who is your favorite artist that you look up to and would like to collaborate with in the future?

Ever since I was young, I have looked up to the lead singer, Yuki from ‘Judy and Mary’. I feel that Yuki-san is really very cute and irreplaceable to me. I really look up to Yuki-san where I feel that if I could become someone like her, it would be really great! As for the collaboration, since Yuki-san is someone that I cannot be compared with, but I would like to try something which is out of the norm, and not the usual collaboration. I would like to do a collaboration with famous orchestra out there, or like an opera? It would be really great!!

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