JUNON SUPERBOY CONTEST is one of the biggest talent auditions in Japan organized by the famous entertainment magazine JUNON, which has been featuring young handsome boys for these 28 years.

This prominent audition has produced many outstanding male talents like Shohei Miura (film series “Umizaru” and TV series  “Gokusen”), Yusuke Yamamoto (film “Paradise Kiss”, TV series “Kamen Rider Kabuto” and “GTO”) and Jumpei Mizobata (TV series“Case Closed” and “Shitsuren Chocolatier”).

This year, 24 members were chosen in a Grand Prix at the latest edition on November 23 and named JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS, split into 2 dance vocal teams.

AFASG 2015 featured them at the official mini stage and JUNON is exhibiting their booth first time ever in Singapore.

Credits to JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS GROUP official website

What does the term “Idol” mean to you?

Koyama Shun: To me, an idol represents the smile of Japan. Bringing a bright and cheerful image.

Urasaki Ukyo: An idol is someone who is always dazzling, delivering smiles to their fans when on stage.

Hayashi Yuichiro: On top of being as someone who is dazzling in the limelight, an Idol is someone who goes the extra mile to connect with their fans.

Kuroda Ayumu: Not only is an idol someone their fans look up to and idolize, but is also someone who provides support and give encouragement to their fans.

Ooka Taizo: An idol is the physical identity representing “Everyone’s Smile”. And we, are those smiles that cheer our fans up. Idols are really great!

Sugiya Mahiro: To me an idol is someone who is always shining, and is someone who brings joy and happiness to his fans.


If you were to star in a movie, what sort of role would you like to be cast as?

Koyama Shun: If it is an action movie, I would like to star as the character who supports and encourages the main protagonist.

Urasaki Ukyo: I would like to star as the flirtatious police officer in the movie.

Hayashi Yuichiro: I would not like to be the main protagonist, rather I would like to play a supporting role for the main character in a movie.

Kuroda Ayumu: I have no preference in the roles in take, I would like to appear on TV as much as I can!

Ooka Taizo: As for me, no matter the hard work involved or required, I would like to be an action star who bring a smile to the audiences.

Sugiya Mahiro: Since young, I have admired people of all ages who give a cool impression. That is what I hope to become in the future.

Since this is your first visit to Singapore together, what are your thoughts of Singapore?

Koyama Shun: Although Singapore initially seems similar to Tokyo, I feel a different kind of light and warmth in this city. This is the first time in my life I feel so emotionally attached to a country.

Urasaki Ukyo: The buildings here are really beautiful, and the city is really clean. I feel that Singapore is a really wonderful country.

Hayashi Yuichiro: There is no rubbish to be seen on the ground, the night scenery here is really bright and the hotel staff here have been really nice and kind to us. I love the people here.

Kuroda Ayumu: My first impression after I arrived in Singapore is that the people here are really kind. Although we do not speak the same language, they will go the extra mile to help and give assistance to me when I am at a loss of what to do. I am really touched by their actions.

Ooka Taizo: The buildings here are really tall, modern and colourful as compared to what I see in Tokyo. I really like the neon light illuminations on the streets.

Sugiya Mahiro: I really like the leon light illuminations on the streets. And it sets a really nice atmosphere and creates a joyful mood within me.


What are your individual hobbies?

Koyama Shun: I ride my skateboard, and also practice rapping in my free time. On my off days, I go to the park with my friends and we just sit there, have fun together and relax.

Urasaki Ukyo: My birthplace is in Okinawa, and the sea there is really beautiful. So in my free time, I would take a drive and just watch the sea. I personally enjoy outdoor activities and especially driving.

Hayashi Yuichiro: When I was still a kid, I lived in Malaysia for a period of time. So even after I had returned to Japan, I still miss South-East Asia. I also really like the food in Malaysia. Some of the food that I like in Malaysia are chicken rice, Nasi Goreng and definitely Satay!

Kuroda Ayumu: Since 3rd grade, I have been playing soccer as my pastime. I really like soccer and I hope to be able to someday show the fans my techniques.

Ooka Taizo: I play games, such as Call of Duty, in my free time, as well as watch anime series. My favorite anime at this point is Sword Art Online. In addition, I also enjoy trying all sorts of sports.

Sugiya Mahiro: I enjoy reading Manga, doing some window shopping when I have spare time. But above all, I enjoy drawing to relax myself.

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Now that you have made an appearance in Singapore, what are your goals from now?

Koyama Shun: From here on, I would like to take part and be involved more frequently in such wonderful events such as AFA. Also, I would like to have more appearances on TV together as a team!

Urasaki Ukyo: Although each of us have our own work and individual responsibilities, I hope that we can one day have more appearances on TV programs and variety shows together as a team.

Hayashi Yuichiro: Whether as an individual artist or together as a team, we value and treasure our fans. And we hope to carry on and continue to live up to our fans’ expectations.

Kuroda Ayumu: Although only 7 of us came to Singapore this time, I hope that all of our members can one day have a performance in Singapore together.

Ooka Taizo: As an individual, we portray certain roles and try to appeal to the audience using our individual skills and ability. But as a team, as we appear in several TV programs, we enjoy the process of making the appearance on TV together as well as support one another. I really enjoy that and hope to now on be able to take part in more TV programs.

Sugiya Mahiro: Whether our roles are that of an individual artist or the persona as a member in the group, I continue to hope that we can reach out to the heart of our fans and bring them smiles and happiness as they watch us perform.

Lastly, do you have any message for your fans in Singapore?

Koyama Shun: As we were performing on stage previously, we felt overwhelmed by the warm welcome from the audiences. And so even now, I am glad that I was able to make this visit to Singapore! And so, I hope to be able to return here again in the near future.

Urasaki Ukyo: Not only in Japan, I also have work related activities overseas. Thus, I hope to be able to learn more languages and be able to create more communications with my overseas friends and fans!

Hayashi Yuichiro: When I was informed that I would be going overseas, I thought of it as I will be working in a new and unfamiliar environment. But after actually experiencing Singapore, I was in fact not too different from back home as everyone here was really kind and friendly. And so, I will continue to work hard and further mature my mindset in the process and hope to again return to Singapore as a more matured me.

Kuroda Ayumu: It was my first time communicating with foreigners, and in the midst of my performance earlier, I was worried about the sort of reaction I would be receiving from the crowd. But to my surprise, everyone was enjoying and having a great time watching us perform. I was really touched by that scene and hope to one day return to Singapore again!

Ooka Taizo: Although I was not able to speak in English, everyone continued to enjoy our performance despite not knowing Japanese. With that in mind, I hope to learn and brush up other languages to someday return to Singapore to establish a better communication with my fans.

Sugiya Mahiro: Although most of the audiences were not familiar with who we were, they continued to cheer us on during our performance earlier. And so, along with all 24 members, I hope to one day return to Singapore to hold a full performance together as a complete team.

That’s all we have for JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS, stay tune for more from Ani-Culture.net !

Be sure to check them out at their official website https://junonboy-anothers.com/en/

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