Ayana Taketatsu has returned to Anime Festival Asia in Singapore after her last visit six years ago. After since she had made a break as Azusa Nakano from K-On from the debut, she had quickly rose to be one of the famous young voice actress and singer all over the world.

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She is also well known for her voice for Tsundere characters as well such as Itsuka Kotori, Martinozzi Eclair, Shimizu Miharu and Kōsaka Kirino. She have also debuted as an artist with Pony Canyon label since 2012 and has released two CD albums and seven Singles till date.

As you are known to play more “Tsundere” roles, do you also “Tsun” in real life?

I often voice acts characters with stronger personalities or the “Tsun” characters that everyone are familiar with. Usually I am more straight forward type but time to time, I do have that “Tsun” side of me which I express to my father time to time when I couldn’t be more direct with him. There was a time where it was my father’s birthday and instead of going on to say “Happy birthday and here is a present for you”, I went on and just “Erhmm” shove the present to him instead. (laugh)


One of your well known role is no doubt Kousaka Kirino from “Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai“. How are you able to just express out her character?

Kirino is set to be a closet Otaku and someone who is into 2D girls. that side of her was being found out by her brother Kyosuke. As for the siblings, they are not in good terms, where Kirino was all out not respecting Kyosuke at all. However when Kirino was found out that she was a Otaku, the relationship between them improved. Towards the end Kirino became more sweeter and showing more of the weaker sides to Kyosuke.

The theme is to bring out the warm sibling relationship and how siblings should be like and I felt this is the part which should be shown more.

Maybe I side track a bit, I myself is also somewhat similar to Kirino especially in the “Otaku” part so when the part where Kirino is expressing “Dufufu” on the girly stuffs, cute stuffs, or even “Moe” stuffs, it is also my real expression and thoughts as well.

From all the roles that you have voice in, who is your favorite and why?

Eh??? I love them all!!! all the character I have done eventually became indispensable and had become like a family member to me if I were to choose one, it would be Nakano Azusa(Azunyan) from K-on as I shared more deeper memories with her. Previously in AFA 2009 I have came over as Azusa for a K-On talk session, my first event was a K-On life like at Yokohama arena which is able to hold fifteen thousand people. so after debuting, I managed to have many opportunities and chances to perform and work. this are all the chance that have came to gather and make what is the current me.

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Aside from your Tsundere characters you had also voiced Sawatari Fū from Tamayura which have very very different personalities how did you audition for different roles?

Me myself is not a very Tsun character even though I was often asked to play one and i do have my softer gentle side as well.

When I go to a audition, I do have a set of different character ready as being a voice actor myself, I would imagine how the character is supposed to be like and the environment the character being brought up. from there, I will represent out from my image of the character and to bring out the character to the extend of my abilities each time I go for audition.

What was the reason for you to become a voice actress and what are the fun parts of being a voice actress?

Back when I was in primary school I wanted to become a voice actress.

When I was young my house is one that is filled with manga and comics, and I had a brother who often buy shounen manga. Friends around me also liked sailor moon and card captor Sakura as well. So in my childhood , I have become very close to manga as well as anime. with that in mind, I was thinking if it would be good that I were to able to work in the anime manga industry.

It was only at the 4th year in primary school when I get to know what is a voice actress. There was one day in the library, I managed to come across a book on voice acting and only after reading it i got to know there is such profession. so from there i thought that it would be nice to become one as well.

The interesting part, is where I get to voice act many characters, different girls or even different guys, of different ages as well, different species where it need not be human, it can be fairies or it can be animal. so such wide ranges of character that can be played and meet, it is definitely the interesting part of being a voice actress.

Between the music and voice acting career, which one do you wish to expand more?

Eehhh?? Both are important for me. Each have their own charms to me and it is hard to choose. Being a voice actress is like my very base and everything that had happen till now is due to this base. As for my singing portion, it is also build from my voice actress and it is linked together and not separable.

Being able to sing as the character that I am voice acting as makes me feel, I was able to link more to my fans. Thru singing, I was able to go to live performances and to meet my fans. Hence fore my singing career is also important to me. I do feel now that singing my own songs, not the ones that have direct links to anime but the ones written by me, so it is quite different from express myself compared to singing for anime theme. It is like how I wanted to bring out what i wanted to express as a singer myself to everyone.

As the voice acting job is important to me I am working hard on it, as well as my singing career. It may sounds greedy, I really want to do both!

In January, you will be staring as Shidare Hotaru in Dagashi Kashi, what kinda of character will she be and what will be the story be?

In Dagashi Kashi, I am playing the role of Shidare Hotaru who is the daughter of the president of a famous sweets company. Hotaru is like a normal girl except that her love for sweets or dagashi is very strong. Though she is in the age where usually girls will go falling in love or meet up with friends, she would only be thinking and focus about sweets or dagashi and till the point of how to eat the dagashi to make it the best. The story focus on Hotaru and her sweets dagashi, and how she will mature.

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That’s all we have for Taketatsu Ayana, stay tune for more from Ani-Culture.net !

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