Locally, it was with sadness that the wildly successful card mobile game Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur met its untimely end with the closure of the Japanese client, which also led to the end of its service in Korea, and ultimately in Singapore and Malaysia earlier this month. The game is still alive and well on the Vita and 3DS systems however, for players still itching to have their battles in Square-Enix’s version of Britain and its millions of Arthurs.

However, from the ashes of the old game comes a new, improved and grander one! The highly successful Million Arthur series released its spiritual sequel, Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur (乖離性ミリオンアーサー) slightly less than a year ago for the Japanese iOS and Android systems.  The local Million Arthur Facebook page posted a huge hint as to what is to come later this month.


What is Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur?


With a brand-new story written by returning author Kamachi Kazuma (A Certain Magical Index) and a new opening theme “Million Ways = One Destination” by Mizuki Nana, the game boasts a stellar cast of 4 different Arthurs: Mercenary (voiced by Abe Atsushi), Millionaire (Okamoto Nobuhiko), Thief (Asakura Ayane) and Songstress (Uchida Maaya), alongside a new cast of new and familiar faces in an all-new journey within the same world as the original Million Arthur.

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Unlike many mobile games where sequels are basically the same gameplay with updated graphics or systems, Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur (KRS MA) took upon itself to totally redesign the game system from ground up.

Actively hailing it as “Character Command RPG”, the game turns from a single-player auto-battling experience into an online co-operative turn-based team play, complete with 2D and 3D boss fights to entertain and to challenge players to work together with their individual deck of cards to defeat the bosses.



Also, unlike the first game, this time, players are given free reign as to which role they wish to play in any of the online games. There are 4 different Arthurs this time round, and you can freely switch between ANY of the four as and when the situation presents itself.

Drawn a lot more Healing cards than physical attack cards? Why not try being a Songstress for a change than a Mercenary? The cards you draw in the early game might shoehorn you into a role you are not prepared for, but as you progress and draw more cards, it’s a matter of time before you can master all 4 roles necessary to tackle the challenges ahead.


The premise is simple, and yet the boss fights require good teamwork, planning and understanding the gimmicks they present. No longer is it just purely bashing through with the strongest cards, nor is there any need for a “gacha specific” card that has a stronger value for events, the deck making now places more emphasis on each of the roles specified, be it buffing, shielding, healing, magic or physical attacks, placed together with elemental chains for additional effect, creating an almost strategic-like way of fighting bosses.

Other subtle sub-systems include Fame, where if you fuse the same card together enough times, the “Fame” (名声) of the card increases, and if set as the Leader card, will help increase the drop rate from bosses; a Sphere system, where by obtaining a complete costume set you obtain a Sphere, which acts as a free additional attack after a certain number of turns in battle; the ever-needed PvP, where you send your own set of 4 Arthurs against another player’s deck of 4, amongst others.


Thankfully, the bosses don’t go stronger as you fight more, but you do want to keep fighting them. They are now locked to time-specific releases, so you get to fight specific bosses at specific timings, which are always kind to the playing audience with lots of repeats for the duration of the fortnight-long events, ensuring that everyone has a chance to play and to obtain the drops.


The Japanese server has seen its fair share of collaborations lately, starting with Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works as its first anime collaboration, and the latest one being an inter-game collaboration with Bandai-Namco’s Tales of Link, where players get to fight Tales of Destiny 2’s Barbatos as a 3D boss and have their avatar changed to Tales of Xillia’s Milla Maxwell.


Japanese server information

With the upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifier Singapore vs Japan tomorrow, the KRS team is putting its weight fully behind the away team, by promising one free Crystal for every goal scored by Japan and 5 Crystals as a reward for a Japanese team victory!

Game producer Iwano Hiroaki even posted a tweet earlier showing KRS MA being part of the advertising sponsors for the game!

The first anniversary of the game is also coming up on 19th of this month, and the developer team has also announced a Nico Nico Douga live show on the day itself:


Be sure to check it out! We will be back with more news once concrete information is obtained for the English release!

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