Sho Hayami a veteran in the Japanese voice acting industry for more then over 30 years. On top of that he is also a singer. Started his career in the early 80s Sho Hayami has played numerous characters providing his voice for the anime world. Known for his smooth and deep voice, he has bought to us characters that are well known from Maximilian Jenius (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross), Aizen Sousuke, Muraki Kazutaka (Bleach) to Vanilla Ice (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken).

Sho Hayami has also witness evolution changes of the voice acting industry for over 3 decades. In the recent he took up a new role playing as Gakuho Asano from the anime from Assassination Classroom.

Sho Haymi AFA ID 2015 -2

You are the voice actor for the role Asano Gakuhou in the anime, Ansatsu Kyoshitsu. How do you feel about the role?

My role as the president is to educate the students with different ways of expressing the passion for teaching as compared to Korosensei but both of us provide guidance to the students in the best way possible.

What are your views about the role you acted in Jojo No Kimyou na Bouken as Vanilla Ice?

I have done the voice over for several roles like Kakyoin, Vanilla Ice and Enriko Pucchi in the same anime since long ago. This time for JOJO TV series, Vanilla ice is the most rowdy and violent character when it comes to loyalty as compared to other roles as I’ve mentioned earlier. This is my first and most memorable experience for having such a role.

How do you feel about Indonesia (What do you think about Indonesia) ? And how do you feel about the fans in Indonesia after meeting them?

There is an replica of the Borobudur Temple which I have placed in the studio. And I have always wanted to visit it. But it’s not possible this time round due to my tight schedule, I will try again next time.

There’s a rehearsal and meeting held at the hall yesterday. I passed by LiSA’s dressing room, and felt that we had lost to the heat when I saw the fan T-shirts worn by the fans. The love for female seiyuus is relatively high in Indonesia. I will be happy if the fans wear fan T-shirts for male seiyuus too.

Up to date, is there any character you feel that it is still not up to your standard and you would like to redo it which you had voiced over?

I have been in the seiyuu scene for 36 years, and when I just started, my techniques were totally insufficient but the youth, passion and energy which I had during that time could not be expressed through words. I was offered a number of roles for old series SUPER ROBOT TAISEN. I was given DVD of existing version for revision and was told to imitate that.

This sounds bad and at that point of the time I thought that I cannot imitate as it is a bad example! I am not as young as I used to be so I want to do it better, by challenging myself to bring out the youth and passion again so as to achieve the best outcome for that particular generation when I get approval for the recording.
In your 36 years of seiyuu voice over career, what is the best and worst memory of all?

My worst memory happened about 15 years ago when I could not speak easily. Because there  is a small lump in my throat, though not a tumor, it had caused me to lose my voice. In my mind I was thinking that “This isn’t my voice!” for 1.5 years despite that I still have to continue on. I was in a really bad state but I still have to speak all the time.  My best memory is the chance to be able to speak to the fans in Indonesia which I am doing right now.

You were the pioneer for the Macross series, Maximilian Jenius, what do you think of the new  upcoming ‘Macross Delta’?

I’ll be going a little off topic, but there’s a 1-year-old boy named Maximilian celebrating his birthday, just next door. So I felt its fate. Anyway, I feel that the new Macross series will be successful. If it’s possible, I would like to appear in the series again even if it’s just for one scene.

What do you do during your free time? Did you watch Anime recently? If yes, which one?

When I have free time, I will visit the bookstore most likely and read. Other than the animes which I have appeared in, I will watch those which I come across on TV when I tune in to the channel during their broadcast. Do you know Ninja Slayer? What do you think of it?

Villain and main character, which is the tougher one to voice over?

In my 36 years of seiyuu life, I have been acting numerous characters, and most of the characters were villains, so if you were to ask me which is the easier, it’s going to be the villain.

From the numerous character roles you have had till now, is there any meaningful or memorable line?

There are a lot but probably the one from BLEACH by Aizen Sousuke. WATASHI GA TEN NI TATSU (I’m going to do my best) (I will aim for the best) (I would like to be the best)

As the senior veteran in the Seiyuu world, what kind of mindset should one have when it comes to work?

I’m not really an amazing voice actor but I think it should be the script, reading and understanding the scenario first and how you can express it out with the voice. That is the basic so if you can do it, you will be a very good seiyuu.

What do you think about the current seiyuu world in Japan?

Very wonderful. Because during the era when I started as a seiyuu, there were only TV series, movie voice-overs and normal narration but now there are a wide variety of it. And if you are not an all-rounder now, you might not be able to succeed. So everyone who made it here are really talented. It’s a motivation to work together with them since I will feel that I can’t lose out to them.

Sho Haymi AFA ID 2015

In your voice acting career, which character do you think was the hardest?

Last year, I participated in a game voice recording, which I had to speak and shout to myself for a straight 3 hours. It was very energy draining. Even when the emotion changed from scene to scene but I have to get myself in the role. Getting into the character was tough but this does not beat the time when I have to speak with just one line for example the line I have in K.

If something happens to me and the main character, I will have to get my voice recording out and playback what was said example “This person had said this wonderful phrase” turning the sentence as a form of the Japanese Haiku (Which the phrase goes in a 5-7-5 word order). That may be the most difficult role I have tried so far.

What do your fans mean to you?
If there is no one who appreciates and listens to my acting, it will be meaningless for me to be around. People recognize my presence and increases my will power to carry on, so fans play a really important role.

Any advice for people who has aspiration to become a seiyuu voice actor?

I’m teaching these people, but I can’t assure them that their dreams will come true. It’s all about compatibility and the most important factor will be the language efficiency and the sensitivity for words. These are the 2 important points. On top of that, people who wish to be a seiyuu usually work as a part timer due to financial issue and have short (inadequate) study time. So they would prefer to have a stable financial help (for example: from parents) so that they can have more study time.

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