Nano is a utaite on Nico Nico Douga and Youtube known for her strong and tomboyish voice. She is also considered to be a ryouseirui because of her deep voice she’s capable of singing on both genders.

She can sing in both Japanese and English, as she was born in New York. Adding on to that, she is also song writer who often covers Vocaloid songs in English, giving them a western touch without losing the original style.


Following her debut album Nanoir released in 2012, in just over a year, Nano held her first ever live performance on March 2013. She continued to celebrate her success with the released of theme songs for various anime series, such as “Now or Never”(Phi Brain: Puzzle of God), “No Pain, No Game” (Btooom!), “Savior of Song” (Arpeggio of Blue Steel), “Born To Be” (Magical Warfare), “Sable” (M3 the dark metal), and finally “Rock On.” for the first film of (Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova DC).

Is there any condition you require for song composing, such as a place or atmosphere?

For example, I get ideas from the original work and think of ways to improve the song. The rest depends on my imagination so I’m not really that particular.

How do you feel now?

I’m very much looking forward to the performance.  As an artist, I have my own Facebook and Twitter page. Though I did not have the chance to come to Indonesia, the fans here have always given me support so I had always wished to come here. I’m looking forward to meeting them.

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If you can change the world with your music, how will you change it?

This is a complex question.  I’m not really thinking of changing the world, but at least I hope to make a difference in someone’s life, for as many people as possible.  On reflection, music is something which can leave an impression in someone’s heart. I will be glad if I can touch people’s hearts.

Having been a guest star in many events, what is your next goal?

To be honest, my goal is still a long way ahead. There have been many checkpoints I have passed midway.
This year for instance, I had the chance to visit and hold live performances in Germany, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore. It has been a very fulfilling year and I would like to visit more countries for live performances.  I will now strive to go international either next year or the year after.

What has been the biggest achievement in your career so far?

This is a difficult question. It’s been about 3 years since my debut. I could not believe the many chances and miracles which have happened. The biggest achievement that comes to mind is being able to come to Indonesia despite a long flight of 8 hours. I’m touched to know that there are people here who knows me. This is what really touches me right now.

What is your plan for the new single?

The single will be released soon on 28th October, a year and 3 months after the previous one so I’m looking forward to it. The music of the main song ‘Bull’s Eye’ is different from what I had so far.  With reference to the original work, there has been a lot of discussion with the composer to finalize the song which everyone can agree on.

The PV will be released soon and I would like its launch to be a surprise.  This song is the opening theme for the original work of the anime titled ‘Hidan Aria AA’ which will begin its telecast in Autumn.  I feel it’s fine animation with a delicate character for the main role as well, so I had adapted this into the lyrics with more care and hope than my old works. I would like everyone to check it out.

Is there anything you would like to do besides meeting the fans here?

It’s a pity I do not have many days here this time so there isn’t much I can do.  But I would like to eat the delicious food and do some sightseeing before I go back. I would like to come again for more sightseeing and to experience more of Indonesia. Is there any food you can recommend?

Can you tell us the difference between Rock On and your previous albums?

In my opinion the first, second and third albums are slightly connected but on the whole, they are different entities. I am always looking out for new sounds and venture so when I’m not preparing for any music, I would be constantly researching on sounds and lyrics to transform my music further for future albums.

The latest research done was on my album ‘Rock On’.  As can been seen from the title, it’s an album to which you can ROCK ON during live performances. And I would like to add, thank you so much for the previous media coverage which you had done for me.  I really appreciate it very much.

Especially for novice online singers, do you have any advice for them?

I had started out as an online singer so to be honest I don’t think I am in the right position to give any advice. But from my previous experience, you should not give up until you have achieved the results you wanted. It may be hard to continue with something you like as a career but if you really like it and it is something only you can do, please don’t forget to enjoy the entire process and chase after your dream.

I have forgotten to mention how wonderful the internet is, being able to transmit and have the chance to reach out and interact with people all over the world. It’s really fun so I would like everyone to enjoy themselves while reaching for their goals.

Is there any special message you would like to give your fans in Indonesia?

I’m really very thankful for the fans’ support and the opportunity to perform here. I hope to have more such opportunities so please continue to support me.


Have you been recognized on the street or anywhere else? When fans see you, how do you react?

So far I have not been recognized so I’m not too sure about it but during live performances, I get to see everyone and there were many people who had come for the first time. These people as well as I were slightly nervous. But it was a very special and important moment so I had felt very happy to meet them.

If you could describe yourself or your style in one sentence, what would it be?

Probably “very positive”. I may experience inner conflict but I do not become negative because of that. Instead of allowing it to arise because of my competitive nature, I feel I should start off as a positive person. I would not mind even if you call me “baka positive” (being overly positive)

What do you look forward to on your visit this time?

This is my first visit to Indonesia so I cannot imagine how the live performance will turn out. Anyway I’m definitely looking forward to the enthusiasm of the Indonesia fans.doraemon_door

If you can become a superhero, who would you like to be?

This is something new. There’s one thing I really hope I am able to do and this is teleportation. I want to come to Indonesia but it takes 7 hours so if there’s a DOKODEMO door (like the one Doraemon uses to transport itself), I can then come at any time, so I hope the time required to come here can be reduced.

Since there is a big fan base in Indonesia for Anisong, are there any plans for a solo live concert?

I feel happy that J-pop culture is welcomed in Indonesia and of course, I would love to hold a solo live concert if I can progress further by working with different artists. I will be very glad if I can fulfill this wish.

You had a full concert in Germany and performed your new song ‘Freedom Is Yours’. Can you share with us your thoughts on it?

Yes, I have performed this song for the first time in Germany. Those who heard the song had probably noticed that it’s something new as compared to previous works. It’s an open-minded song and I’m glad to know that the song is also loved by the people in Europe.

After listening to the completed song, I personally thought that it is an amazing song. The song has not been transmitted internationally but we have plans to do so and are looking forward to it.

Could you share with us more about your song “Mirror, Mirror” which is on BAD APPLE WARS?

‘Mirror, Mirror’ is the coupling song for my upcoming single and the theme song for the game “BAD APPLE WARS”. This song is said to be the fastest song in history but because of many existing fast songs, I’m probably numb to it in spite of its fast beat.

Regarding the lyrics, it’s themed to BAD APPLE WARS, poisoned apples, and snow white fairy tale so this is a interesting song and I would like all of you to listen to it.

That’s all we have for Nano, stay tune for more from !

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