LiSA, one of the hottest, rising stars in Anisong who has captivated many audiences with her stunning energetic live performances was back in Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2015 after 2 years. Since her last performance 2 years ago she has became one of the top most requested anisong artiste in Anime Festival Asia Indonesia.

Debuted her anisong career in 2011 as part of the fictional band, Girls Dead Monster from the animation Angel Beats as the singing voice of the character, Yui. Soon after that she became a solo artiste and has bought to us opening hit theme songs from popular anime series like Fate/Zero (Oath Sign), Sword Art Online (Crossing Field), ,Sword Art Online 2 (No more time machine & Shirushi), ending theme songs for the The Irregular of Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) and Nisekoi (Rising Hope & Rally Go Round).

She has also recently just completed her first ever solo Asia concert tour titled “LiSA – LiVE is Smile Always ~ 2015″. Making her mark in Asia with her fan base growing exponentially in every country that she visits.

LiSA AFA ID 2015

You had visited Indonesia several times. Is there anything you are looking forward to?

This is my 3rd visit to Indonesia and 2nd time in Anime Festival Asia. My last time here was 3 years ago. Ever since my first visit, fans have been asking me to come back to Indonesia. And now that I’m finally back here again I would like to create great memories with all the fans here and let more people know about my new music.

You were once a singer in a band and now as a solo singer, does that bring back fond memories? Or do you prefer to perform with a band?

I love being in a band very much and of course this time I brought along my band with me as well. There’s not much difference being LiSA, the solo artist or being with a band. As how it was in Japan, we have the same band members here so we would like everyone to enjoy the live performance. Please look forward to the live performance!

As you had mentioned, this is your 3rd visit to Indonesia. Are there any new challenges you have set for yourself?

Hmm, last year, the song “Shirushi” had not been released yet, so I will certainly have the chance to sing it this time. We have also prepared other tracks and are looking forward to know how will the fans react to it.

What is the difference between you and the other Anisong artists?

What do you think? Hmmm, it’s probably the live performance. During the live performance, everyone can enjoy together with my band. And that’s my theme, with everyone as one in the same hall and enjoying music together. So this time I would like to have fun with everyone too.

LiSA AFA ID 2015 Anisong Day 2 -IMG_6846

Which is the most memorable moments among the 3 performances you had in Indonesia? What are your favourite things about Indonesia?

When I was here the very first time I was very surprised when the fans sang together with me. They knew those songs as well and enjoyed themselves! My favorite is nasi goreng, satay and the people here are so kind always smiling on their faces! So I feel happy meeting them again.

There is a LiSA fan club here in Indonesia and the size of the fan club has been increasing. What do you think of that?

I’m very happy. In places such as the fan club, Twitter and Facebook, everyone is expecting me. I feel really glad that I have fans waiting for me. Thank you for waiting.

Empty Mermaid

Could you share with us your new single “Empty Mermaid” which will be released soon. If you could be a mermaid for a day, what would you like to do?

Empty Mermaid isn’t an Anisong like my previous songs, for example “Rising Hope”, “Crossing Field”? etc. I’m sure fans who love those songs will like “Empty Mermaid” too. “Empty Mermaid” is a cool song with a familiar rhythm for all to join in the call so that the fans will get to enjoy it throughout. The lyrics depict a bad woman but I’m not a bad woman. I will break out of a sexy self and go in search for my prince with my sexy legs (of a mermaid).

Between the pop and rock songs you have, which is your favorite genre?

It is hard, cos I like them both. But I like the recent ‘Rally Go Round’ from ‘Nisekoi’ because both genres are incorporated in it and the anime isn’t bad too!

What kind of Anime/Manga are you watching or reading?

I like love stories so I read more of Shojo manga. A lot of them had been made into movies, for example the ‘Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda’ movie was really good. And I was touched by ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Bakemono no Ko’ which were also famous in Japan. But I had only recently watched ‘Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda’ which was directed by the same team who made ‘Anohana’ . ‘Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda’ is a new movie so do please watch it!

LiSA AFA ID 2015 Anisong Anisong Day 2 -_DKT7483

What’s your secret to your powerful live performances?

Eat lots of delicious food, have sufficient sleep and have my favorite live performance with the people I love. Each performances prepares me for the next one which makes me want to think of even more creative ideas to give a more powerful performance each time.

You mentioned eating and sleeping a lot. Do you have any stamina food and how much sleep do you have each day?

Mostly beef and steak when I am utilizing my brain during work for lyrics composing. I will watch movie when I am on a rest day or I will be sleeping throughout the day. I love red bean and glutinous rice when I have them together, I get charged up a lot.

Please name 5 artists / singers that have influenced you?

Green Day, Avril Lavigne, Matsuura Aya, SPEED, Minions.

Have you undergone any changes since the Girls Dead Monster period?

Not really until I met Girls Dead Monster, I love rock like Green Day, Avril Lavigne, NOFX, Good Charlotte but after I met Girls Dead Monster, I started to like pop music, for example Matsuura Aya and cute stuff. Rock which I love since a long time ago and pop after I met Girls Dead Monster, all these had made me what i am now.

Is there anything you would like to do during your trip this time, for example sightseeing?

The Nasi Goreng I have eaten here was so delicious that I look forward to it every time, but please tell me what is the must eat item here? *NASI RENDANG*

LiSA AFA ID 2015 Anisong Day 2 -_A8C3342

You have come to Indonesia several times, and also had a one-man live performance here. How different was the experience?

The first trip here was for Anime Festival Asia when I came together with my band. We had absolutely no idea how the fans here will react as that was our first trip so we just started by trial and error. But everyone responded to us and we were really happy so we felt that we would like to come here again.

Next, was how it might turn out if we were to play around with the music so we came up with the idea of acoustic during the fan meeting session. Where everyone sang together with us and made us realized that we can have fun regardless of it being a band or just an acoustic performance. So today we would present to all a combination of those.

If you can become a superhero, who would you like to be?

I want to be Sailormoon. Sailormoon protects her friends. I like her despite the fact that she is a very timid girl going “MAOCHAN~~~~~”, though weak but in order to protect her friends, she tried her best and also join forces with her friends to defeat the enemies. I like the way that we created the live performance together with the fans instead of by myself so I would like to be a heroine like Sailormoon.

That’s all we have for LiSA, stay tune for more from !

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