Formed in 2010,  GARNiDELiA is a Japanese music unit consisting of vocalist MARiA and producer Toku. Before the formation of the group MARiA is famous utaite and odorite on NicoNico Douga , covering many popular Vocaloid songs, personal music videos (Lamb) together with the dancers Miume and Kamen Liar 217.

Toku on the other hand, is quite a well known music producer that had written many hit songs for well-artistes such as LiSA, Angela Aki, and AnCafe. Before collaborating with MARiA and forming the group GARNiDELiA .

The duo specialized on unique digital music that raved many hearts of young people. Their music aims to capture their listeners with their unique styles and strong lyrics with their style.

Last year, at AFA ID 2014 you mention that your dream is to create music which inspire the fans. Do you still think the same even now?

Toku: Of course. (laughs) For the fans, going to the lives is a sense of identity and also an enjoyable experience. To that end, I want to make the best song.



As said earlier, you have two types of songs (ballad and hi tempo), among these two types, do you have a genre you like in particular while making a song?

Toku: For GRND, we make a GRND genre, don’t make songs base on genres, we hope you like the songs we make and that would make us happy.

MARiA: We want everyone to appreciate everything. For me, I like to sing it all. Regarding genres, we think this is easy to sing perhaps, but we don’t have likes or dislike. Its not that easy or difficult.

Toku: If we didn’t like it, we wouldn’t make it right? (Laughs)

MARiA: We have dislikes but we only wish for fans to appreciate the ones that we do.

Is there a difference between the performances you do now and back then? 

Toku: From which past?

Last year perhaps?

MARiA: Well, since last year we have went to several countries to perform lives and also in Japan, this year we want to show everyone we have powered up since the last performance in Indonesia.

GARNiDELiA Sakura Con

You went to American for Sakura-con. How was the performance experience in America different from Asia?

MARiA: We do our best performing regardless which country we are in, but as for the audiences they gave us a different reaction. For Indonesia, they will sometimes sing along with us, but in America they will clap instead at the sections of the performance which they really enjoy. We give a different reaction however based on the fans.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

MARiA: We’ve just passed our 1st anniversary earlier this year and we hope to reach our 5th anniversary, can we reach 5 years? Along the way, we want our music to reach the fans and to continue singing as long as possible.

In the coming or the far future, do you have a solo project planned?

Toku: We don’t really do solos but originally I used to do arrange (for songs) like the behind side of music projects, and I want to continue to do that, and I still do offers from time to time so please continue to support me.

MARiA: I do guest vocals for songs but if there’s a chance or I’ve been requested to do it, I’d definitely like to do songs or performances too.

Toku: By the way, Maria has her own Solo albums too.

MARiA: That’s true, I used to do solo albums. But once again if there’s an opportunity, I’d definitely take it up.


Normally you sing very high tempo songs but for the song MIRAI, it was a ballad song instead. How do you feel from a high tempo song to a more slower, ballad type of song? 

MARiA: Recently, we released an album (Birthia) that features many of our indies songs which also have consist a number of ballad songs. From our debut however, we’ve been singing mostly high tempo songs, so this time for our 4th single when we sing a ballad, It feels natural for us actually. Our strong point is not only just high tempo songs but ballad songs too is also our strong point.

What do your fans means to you, and is there an anisong project planned after this?

MARiA: Well, without our fans, we won’t be able to sing. To us, they’re our power, with very important existence. They’re also the ones who give affection to us too.

MARiA: Nothing for now (laughs). I really want to do it, but of now, please support us!!

You have done lots of anisong tracks by now, which is your favorite anime from the songs you have made?

MARiA: Number 1?! Its difficult, its impossible! A very adult problem. I love everything! But if you really talk about liking, its definitely Kill la Kill, our debut track Ambiguous. In our life, its the anime that gave us the chance to debut so is a very special anime in our hearts.

Its your second time in Indonesia, what’s the one thing that have left an impression here in you.

Toku: Nasi Goreng (laughs)

MARiA: We had Mee Goreng. Last time we had rice, this time we had noodles. Its really delicious.

Toku: If you have any recommendations, please tell us. Via Twitter will do too.

Last year we had a surprise during the concert, will we be expecting a surprise this year?

MARiA: Last year, Miume came long so we danced Lamb with her. While we don’t do many cover songs as a unit, but this time we have a really famous anisong cover prepared. You might be surprised by it!

MARiA: But if you say that, then we have to prepare surprises every time. We’d have to prepare surprises all the time, its dangerous.

Your first album is going to be released in Indonesia very soon. How do you felt about this?

MARiA: From Japan it has crossed the seas to Indonesia fans. I’m really happy and its a great honour. This time, we have 14 songs that we re-recorded plus one new song prepared. For those who have followed us since our indie days and those newer fans, I hope you wonder what’s the story behind the songs we have prepared and hope you listen to it many times.

The otaku world has some sorts of military rule to it, how do you survive in it?

MARiA: (laughs) That’s a really good question!

Toku: Is that a cosplay? Or a seifuku? (to the speaker)

MARiA: That’s really cute! I really hope Indonesia buy lots of copies of BiRTHiA.

Toku: Whether we continue living or die off depends on the fans. In that sense, I try to make the best songs possible, that I think fans will really want to hear. I think its important we make songs that reach the fans during the live. For each and every stage we want to convey our feelings to the fans. There’s no choice but if you find another way, please tell us on Twitter! (laughs)

AFAID15 - D1 - Garnidelia-_DKT0771

Message for you fans?

MARiA: To our fans in Indonesia, since the first time, I want to make a more heated and lively live this time. Since Indonesia fans love to sing along, we prepared a song that I’m sure everyone can sing along with us!

During your indies period and now, is there a different in your feeling then and now?

Toku: The productions costs has err…(laughs) The way I produce songs and the type I make hasn’t change but we want to continue doing it the same way even now. But the chance we’re given to reach out to the world thanks to going major. We want to make the best with that chance as best as possible.

When you make songs now, is there an artist that inspire you?

MARiA: No. Not really (laughs)

Toku: I don’t really know. We have lots of favorite artists, so here and there. For example, we have this essence we want to do. So we have a meeting and have a back and forth seeing if we can incorporate that into our new songs with abit of originality (laughs). If there’s a genre close to GRND, please tell us.

MARiA: Its a bit painful huh? (laughs)

Toku:  Originally, I did an arrange for LiSA. Perhaps the essence came from there.

Recently you made a music video for ARiA. How do you feel about working on ARiA again?

MARiA: Its been 5 years since we released ARiA and now re-released in BiRTHiA. When we did the re-recording, it feels very natural when I sang it, and I also felt like I’m more mature more during these 5 years. When I first sang ARiA I was only 18 and now I’m 23 so even my voice feels more mature. Also, we’ve been going to lives around the world so I felt that I can deliver the song in a more Live-ish feel to it and use that feeling in creating the song.

When you’ve been recognised on the streets, how do you feel?

MARiA: Unlike Toku, I have a really outstanding hair color so wherever I go I felt like someone’s watching me. People who know or don’t will stop to see why this person’s hair color is so strange. So its really easy to call out to me and on Twitter will say they saw me on the streets. If people from other countries see us they will go like “Its MARiA” and I will be “Hi and thank you”. However, people in Japan are a little shy, but they will message me on Twitter saying they saw me so I’m wondering where did they see me.

That’s all we have for GARNiDELIA, stay tune for more from !

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