Japanese trance and pop duo group fripSide, was formed by composer Satoshi Yaginuma and singer Nao in 2002. In 2009 Nanjo Yoshino joined the group, becaming the second-generation vocalist of fripSide. Blasting in with their debut single “only my railgun” making it on the Oricon weekly chart at 3rd position.

Following that, the continued success in their release hits dominating the Oricon weekly charts with songs from opening theme song of To aru Kagaku no Railgun  (LEVEL 5 -judgelight) , (future gazer), and the famous (sister’s noise) taking the top spot in the Oricon chart.

fripSide AFA ID 2015

This is not your first trip to Indonesia, so what are you looking forward to?

Satoshi Yaginuma : There is a huge population here in Indonesia and I am looking forward to meeting the locals whom enjoys the Japanese language, culture and Anisong. We were on a very short trip previously as we had to return back to Japan immediately right after the live performance.

So this can be considered as our very first Indonesia trip. Last night we had the chance to enjoy Indonesian food with everyone during dinner. The hospitality from the people here are very warm and kind. It’s difficult to answer the question on  what we are looking forward to as we have great expectations this time. We just hope that we can spend great time with the people here.

Satoshi-san, is there any preparation you will carry out every time before you start composing your music?

Satoshi Yaginuma : I will have a bath to loosen up my body and mind, Hot spring.

How long do you take to compose a song?

Satoshi Yaginuma : It depends. For example ‘LEVEL5-judgelight-‘ it took me 3 months whereas ‘Sister’s Noise’ it took just 6 hours to compose it.

Nanjo-san, how do you take care of your beauty and voice?

Yoshino Nanjo : I do not really know much about beauty care, but I got scolded by my make-up artist when my skin gets dry. As for my voice, I would gargle and wear a mask to prevent myself from catching a cold.

fripSide’s PV (Promotional Video) is very interesting, for example: ‘Sister’s Noise’. What kind of situations did you think of to create such interesting PVs?

Satoshi Yaginuma : Probably it’s a little hard for non-Japanese to understand our PVs as it involves Japanese comedian whom foreigners may not know about them but they bring a lot of laughter to the Japanese’s fan. The reason why we have such PVs it’s to make it interesting, and we call it ‘The ‘project to make people happy’, by using the PVs. In future, we hope that we can invite non-Japanese to take part in our PVs.

After this Anime Festival Asia, is there any major project coming up?

Satoshi Yaginuma Just a week ago, we had our 8 major prefecture tour involving more than 10,000 audiences in Japan. Which will end in December and we are still working hard on it.

fripSide had participated in many overseas events till date, which is the most memorable of all?

Satoshi Yaginuma  It has to be during Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 which was held 2 years ago in Jakarta it was the most memorable for me as I had a lot of delicious foods. And I stayed 3 days here after Anime Festival Asia it was a fun experience.

Yoshino Nanjo :  We are looking forward and at the same time worried and anxious about how can we make the audience here enjoy our live performance. Since Anime Festival Asia had been organized in several countries, we are glad we had the chance to perform.

What’s the difference between the live performance 2 years ago and the one which will be held tonight?

Yoshino Nanjo : It was really a short trip 2 years ago as we had to return to Japan right after the show.  This time, we will be looking forward to the delicacies in Indonesia after the live performance tonight.

Satoshi Yaginuma : As compared to 2 years ago, fripSide have been expanding by having concert tours, holding live performances at big stadiums like Yokohama Arena. Nanjo-san too have her own solo work commitments and seiyuu career in Japan. We hope to bring up our performance to a different scale compared to the one held 2 years ago. Since this is also the first time we are bringing our own band, please look forward to the performance.

That’s all we have for fripSide, stay tuned for more from Ani-Culture.net !

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