At STGCC 2015, Ani-Culture was honored to have an opportunity to conduct an interview with one of the guests, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto-san.


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Yoshiyuki Sadamoto-san is known for his character designs for many series like .hack//sign, Summers Wars, and Wolf Children but his most famous work would be the series Neon Genesis Evangelion. He is also a one of the founding members for the Gainax anime studio. This is his first time appearing in an event in Singapore as well.

Here are the answers from some of the interview question that was asked.

Do you have anyone in mind that you would to collaboration with?

I would like to do collaborations with young artists, those that are very new to the industry. I want to help them grow their skill and make them try their best to become famous.

Do you think that there is a difference in the industry now and then?

I started at a age of 23 years old. Back then there was no internet so ideas were easily gotten through the process of getting accepted. Now with the evolution of internet, sponsors can find sources easily so it is harder to get selected.

 Why do you think anime and manga are still popular nowadays?

There are a lot of different games and manga out there so it can suit to various people. Also the anime are aired on free channels thus it can reach out to alot of people. And with target audience that are at the age of primary and secondary school students. Manga now are cheap and affordable for them as well.

If you are not in your current career today, what will you be doing now?

I think I will be doing a career that focus on hands on stuff like a carpenter. I really like to do hands on stuff. I even made my own figures and also cars as well.

How do you come out with your character design like Evangelion?

For Evangelion, there is alot of factor that comes into place. There is music, the surrounding. There was also this shoujo manga that I really fancy back then that also influence my design. For the costume, it was designed base on how I want the story to flow.

For the series Neon Genesis Evangelion, it has become a popular anime that was even recognized worldwide. Did you expect this outcome from the series?

I really did not expect it to become so famous as it was a low budget production. The cost is not even half of the major title anime budget out there. And also because it was a low budget production, I was able to do whatever I like.

What advice do you have to new artist and illustrator out there?

I feel that you should be yourself. You should like your own work. With internet, you can access to anything easily. You will be seeing what is popular out there and when you try to copy it to gain popularity. I feel that it defeats the purpose. You should draw according to your feeling rather than copying.

It sounds like you really hate the internet alot.

I would not say it is a bad thing. It is good as you are able to interact with the other generation and also help it in your work but still it also does have its bad side.

In your work, what do you like and dislike?

I like it that I am able to do my hobby as a career but now my hobby has become something that support my life and family. I some time would think about what if my designs fail, how will I be able to survive and it upsets me. I would really say its a double edge sword.

That is all the time we had with Yoshiyuki Sadamoto-san.

For people who are not very familiar with him, I would recommend you watch his most famous work which is Neon Genesis Evangelion as the story is quite unique compare to other series of the same genre.

And for those who does not have the time to sit through a whole series, you can also enjoy other 1 shot movie that he has work in which is Summer wars and also Wolf children. Personally I really like both their story plot.

That’s all we have for Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, stay tune for more from !

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