At the Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention, Ani-Culture was honored to have an opportunity to conduct an interview with one of the guests, Mori Toshimichi-san. Mori Toshimichi-san is an art designer who works in Arc system works and is also well-known for the famous 2D fighting games BlazBlue and Guilty Gear.

Mori Toshimichi

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When making a game, what do you look out for comparing making a game now and back then?

During the period of making the game, we will go with the flow and work on anything that is interesting. It must be able to suit the target audience and also within our capability. After that we will slowly step up our game along with skill and time.

Which game inspired you into making games?

I really like the Vampire Hunter series and also Tekken for fighting games. As for other types of games, I really like Trigun, Final Fantasy 3 and also Final Fantasy Tactics.

What do you think makes a good game? Is it the music, visual, storyline or system?

All of them are important. But I think music would be the most important as a good game always has good music. And also with good music comes a good story.

When designing character, what do you consider?

It depends on the game. If you are making a game base on the story, you need to design the character to help tell the story. Whereas, for a fighting game, you need to make characters necessary for it and also must be unique.

What are your direction for games in the future?

As of now, there is no change in direction but we will always be stepping up as the technology is always advancing like more platforms to work with eg. Unity, Unreal engine and etc.

Will there be more DLC release for BlazBlue?

Yes, there are plans to release more but personally I do not like the idea of DLC character(s) as I do not want people to spend money on DLC. Back in the past, there was no need for DLC but the price of the games now and then are different.

You are currently working on the next BlazBlue series, “Central Fiction”, can you share with us some information on it like how it will be different from the previous one or what to look forward to?

The arcade version will be released soon but as for information, I can’t really say any as we have strict approval and unless I am green lit to say it, I can’t do so. But in context of fighting games, I wish to do a fighting game tournament in Asia in the future. Like the location of the finals will always be changed every year. This is so that people in Asia can have a chance to show their skill and people will not always be thinking that Japanese players are always the strongest.

If you could go on a date with a character for a game you played or designed, who would you choose?

DATE? Hmm, I think I would have to choose Tifa from Final Fantasy 7. Personally I would like to enter a game world like Destiny as they are so incredible.

Any advice for young creators out there?

I would like to say that they should like what they make and also be proud of it.

That is all the time we had with Mori Toshimichi-san. Personally I am a big fan of his works as I have played BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. If you liked fighting games, I would recommend these 2 titles to try out as it is a fighting game but at the same time they plot driven which gives them a lot of room of expansions and spin-offs like the light novel series and spin offs that are seen today. On the stage, he talks about the direction of Blazblue and the motivations behind spin offs and novels of the series which is to provide fans who are not 2D fighter fans access to the world of Blazblue.  I am also really looking forward to the final installment for the BlazBlue series Central fiction and really do hope that the console version gets the green light ASAP.

That’s all we have for Mori Toshimichi, stay tune for more from !


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