Seiyu and singer Riho Lida, famous for her work in Love Live! as the lively cat-like girl Hoshizora Rin, is

having a new album “rippi-rippi” due for release on 29th July. The music video for the first track in the album, “始まりたいカノン” has also been released internationally. The album’s name is a play on Riho Lida’s nickname “rippi”. Being part of the Love Live! cast and having awesome friends has its perks apparently, as Yoshino Nanjo will be lending a hand in writing lyrics for Riho Lida’s songs. Here is her well wishes in Japanese.

「ソロデビューという大切な1枚に作詞という形で参加できてとても光栄です。直接声をかけて頂いたのもあり、ゼヒ!とおこたえしたのですが、りっぴーが歌って くれたらかわいいだろうなあという世界観で書かせてもらったのでとても楽しかったです。りっぴー ソロデビュー おめでとうございます!」

“I’m very honored to take part in one of her songs in this important first solo album. I was asked directly to participate in this album and I replied, “Yes! Gladly!” It was so much fun writing knowing that the cute Rippi is singing for me in the world’s view. Congratulations on your solo debut!”


The album will come in 2 limited edition flavors namely type A with the Blu-ray and type B with the DVD. The DVD and BD will be released with the MV for her song “始まりたいカノン “, making of the MV, priority sales tickets for her live event and a 40 page photobook.

As an added motivation for her fans, the A and B limited editions will have different photobooks! The regular version will contain a first press-only bonus track not available in the limited edition versions! Priority sales tickets for her live event are also available with the first press regular edition CDs. Looks like we have to get everything!

The MV:

Track list:

  1. 始まりたいカノン
  2. Love Motion
  3. 永遠ほどじゃなくても
  4. Four Leaf Clover
  5. まだ言えないけど、◯◯◯
  6. あなたがいたから
  7. わたしのパレット
  8. 青空プロローグ
  9. Stargazer
  10. Slowly Love
  11. 7月29日

Bonus for first press regular CD:

Hello Brand-new Girl


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