I have watched the “Assassination Classroom” yesterday at Plaza Singapura’s Golden Village theaters. With that, here is a review about the movie.

(C) Encore Films

A little background story about the show:

An octopus-shaped like creature suddenly shows up as the homeroom teacher of class 3-E, the worst class in Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The government assigns the students of Class E with a secret mission, which is to assassinate the mysterious creature, whom have nearly destroyed the moon, and is now threatening to destroy Earth next March. The reward for whoever successfully kill him is 10 billion yen! Will the students of class 3-E be able to fulfill their mission before they graduate?

For plot wise, if you have followed the anime version, the movie basically covered the whole of the anime and because of the limited duration a movie can go, you would find that it might be a little bit rushed as they have to introduce everyone. But nevertheless the story still progress smoothly in the movie.

On the comedy part of the show, yes there is much laughter inside the whole movie with things you do not see from the anime.


For character, I was really hoping that they could get someone more feminine to play as Nagisa for this movie as we all know the character design in the manga and anime is more female looking compared to real live but nevertheless all the cast themselves are good looking.

For visual, I feel that they really did very well to the design of the classroom and the area around it to make it have the feel that class E is really the worst class to be in for that school. And Koro Sensei is very well modeled in the movie to the actual design. They even have his expression done so perfectly.

For those who are watching this series for the first time, I would really recommend you to watch this movie before going for the anime or manga as there are quite a lot of it to read and watch. This movie would really tell you whether you will like the series or not.

“Assassination Classroom” is now on theaters, you can purchase the tickets at GV.

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