mishmash* project, known for their elaborate music videos, is at work on their third project, backed through crowd-sourced funds of 36 million yen, and animated by renowned director Sunao Katabuchi! mishmash* project is the first solo project of Toshiaki Mishima, acclaimed sound programmer (since his debut work, Cornelius) and winner of the 2008 Grammy awards.


Officially consisting of two members, Mishima and producer Masuya Makomu, mishmash* features artists in each of their projects. Their first project, mishmash* Julie Watai, featured Julie Watai, a globally active photographer, artist, model, and DJ; their second project featured Miki Orihara, an internationally lauded performer and principal dancer at the New York Marth Graham Dance Company. mishmash* project’s strength lies not only in their music, but also their incorporation of fantastic creators who add variety to their music videos and artwork.

The very same mishmash* project’s third work is now under way. While this work’s featured artist is yet to be determined, their original animated music video, produced by Sunao Katabuchi (of “Kiki’s Delivery Service”) has wrapped. His directorial feature, Kono Sekai No Katasumi Ni / In a Corner of this World (original manga by Fumiyo Kouno), produced through crowdsourced funds of 36 million yen, is already making waves.


【Sunao Katabuchi】

Born in 1960, and an alumnus of Nihon University’s Faculty of Arts Department, Katabuchi’s collaborations with renowned director Hayao Miyazaki began during Katabuchi’s studies in animation and Miyazaki was a guest lecturer. The collaborations began while Katabuchi, still a student, worked on Miyazaki’s film’s screenplays, such as “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (1989).

Katabuchi made his directorial debut in the Lassie TV Series (1996), then went on to direct Studio 4℃’s Princess Arete (2001), and direct/screen write TV series “BLACK LAGOON” (2006). Recent projects include “Mai Mai Miracle” (2009), a drama film/animation following the adventures of Shinko, a young girl living in Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture in the 1950’s-1960’s, whose popularity spread through word of mouth, and resulted in a long-running theatrical release across Japan.


【mishmash*Julie Wata Music Video】


The featured artist for mishmash*’s first project was Julie Watai, internationally active photographer, singer, artist, DJ and model. The above artist photo/illustration is courtesy of PansonWorks, who was behind the One Piece character merchandise designs, among others. Check out the mishmash* Julie Watai collaborative videos at the links below:

“Roll of Love” was animated using crocheted creations by kerokeroking:

“Reverb No Oku Ni” features film by artist Ryota Kuwakubo:

”Go Furby Go” was created by French auteur Alex Ka:

”Don’t Shoot Me. I’m Only the Pin-up Girl. ” was created by Hibiki Tobiwa

“3 Minute Shakespeare”

”Electromotive Romances” is a cover of the song by 76477, and had the distinction of placing 10th in the Yusen J-Pop Ranking. Common consensus says that with its extremely catchy chorus, “Electromotive Romances” is mishmash* project’s most Pop style song. The music video features illustration by Hiroyuki Takahashi, and direction by TDKKKM.

”Do a 180” was animated by filmmakerYoriko Mizushiri.

”Heartbreakeroid” was produced by Gavin Ito, Takehiro Goto, and Takuma Miyamoto

【mishmash*Miki Orihara Music Videos】

mishmash* project’s second featured artist was globally renowned Miki Orihara, principal dancer of New York’s Martha Graham Dance Company. Miki Orihara’s videos feature her contemporary dance at their core, with video production by Toshinao Sasaki and augment5 (Google Street View scenes of Gunkanjima, Battleship Island).

”Ding Dawn”

”Reach out until you can feel me. Hold tight.”

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