Recently a figure that I ordered some time ago has finally arrived. So with that I will be doing a review of this figure on this site.

This will be the first time I am doing a review so I will apologize in advance if I make any potential mistakes in this post. So without delay let us begin.

The character is Nishikino Maki which most fans will know her from the TV anime titled: “Love Live!”. I bought this figure is of cause, she is no. 1 in the whole group to me (no. 2 is Rin btw,).

For this specific figure pose, for those who collects Dengeki G Comic Festival, they will be very familiar with it. For those who do not, it is actually based of the cover for the Dengeki G Comic Festival Vol. 32.


When it first arrived, the box design itself is already very amazing. With all of the sides transparent and also the use of red words on it to match the colour of the character itself.


At the back, we have a beautiful picture of the figure, those words in front of the picture are on the box so when you take out the picture, it is a picture that is good enough to be displayed on its own. What’s more, if you take a closer look, there is actually the character’s signature on the box itself. How cool is that!


After unboxing, I went around taking photo of it but do forgive the quality of the photos as I am still practicing my photography skill =w=.

What attracted me the most was the detail on the pattern of the swimsuit, really love the craftsmanship for this.

IMG_8714 IMG_8691

Next we have the Flower accessory  which is detailed at the edge of which petal.
You can also see the necklace as well with the clear bead used.


Next is the ribbon by the side of the hip, I love how the colour have a gradient flow from the top to the end.

 IMG_8718 IMG_8735

Now for the back,

Lovely nail paint she got there.


Also the frills on the end of the skirt and also the jacket. You just got to love the details.

IMG_8736IMG_8800 IMG_8737

I call myself a thighs person but look at that hip(and navel)!

IMG_8816 IMG_8666

But I will not forget those thighs as well!


And those toes look very cute too!




After this I had the time to go around playing with different colour lighting. Here are some of the sample:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For this figure I got it for less than $150 SGD. For Fans of this character, I would really recommend you to buy this figure if not you will definitely regret it when it is all sold out.


This is all I have for the review. I do hope to be able to do more of this post in the future when more of my stuff arrive (of course I cannot do all the figure out there as I am buying all this myself and I am also running out of space to keep them at home OTL) until then, Stay tune!

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