LiSA, started her anisong career in 2010 as one of the vocalists, for the band Girls Dead Monster for the popular animation Angel Beats as the singing voice of the character, Yui. Following her solo debut in 2011, she has sung many opening and ending theme song for hit anime series such as Fate/Zero (Oath Sign), Sword Art Online (Crossing Field), Sword Art Online 2 (No more time machine & Shirushi) and recently, the ending theme songs for the The Irregular of Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) and Nisekoi (Rising Hope & Rally Go Round).

This time, she is back in Singapore for her first ever solo performance at the Resort World Theatre, Sentosa! Before her performance, we somehow managed to sneak into her busy schedule to have a quick interview session with LiSA! Initially exhausted, we were soon drawn in by her bright smile and contagious energy as we were soon recharged by her charisma! Without further ado, we bring you, the one and only, LiSA!!

LiSA 2015 (6)

You have been performing consecutively in Singapore for four years now and this is your first solo concert tour with Singapore as your final stop. What are your thoughts now looking back at it?

I have always felt that Singapore has brought me up and made me into who I am today. The memories I have gained here has left a really deep impression on me. Each time I visit Singapore, these experiences only continues to build up as I take back new memories home with me. This time, I am feeling really happy and excited right now, and I know that these feelings will become even stronger tomorrow as we are reunited together again for my upcoming solo concert.

As compared to your performances in AFA, since this is your first SOLO concert here, what do you wish to deliver to your audiences in Singapore?

The theme of my live performances have always been “今日もいい日だ (Today’s Another Great Day)”, as I hope for everyone to be able to enjoy a fun and wonderful time during my performance. To have them remember and treasure the day we spent together as another important day of their life.

During my performance in AFA, the songs I performed are mostly ani-songs that everyone is already familiar with, but on the other hand for the solo concert, because we get to spend more time together for a longer duration, there may be songs that some of the audiences may not know of.
But despite that barrier, I believe it would be wonderful if our hearts would still be united as one and be able to have fun together!

Minions LiSA

If LiSA had a minion army how would you plan to take over the world and be the baddest villain ever lived?

Hmm…. Let’s see…I’m already a villain aren’t I?! (The room was filled with laughter as LiSA jokes)

I feel that LiSA isn’t only filled with good things. It can get quite dark such as singing with a negative emotion, such as being angry or unforgivable for example. But of course there are also the brighter sides like singing with a happy and positive attitude.

This balance of light and dark is what I feel, makes LiSA. But this also applies to everyone, so that makes everyone a villain anytime they want, but at same time also allows them to choose when to be a good person or feel happy about something. That is why in that sense, I am already a villain.

From your time during Girl Dead Monster to the present LiSA, do you think anything has changed since then?

Before I sang as Yui, I did a lot of research on songs that were related to anime as the me at that point of time, did not know much about anime. Thereafter, after being part of Girl Dead Monster, the anime soon became the link and bond between my fans and myself. But at the same time, I was unable to freely express myself in those songs.

After I took on a new career as LiSA,  I was finally able to write and compose my own songs, and deliver my messages and emotions to everyone.

As tomorrow will mark the end of your Asia Tour 2015, what new goals have you set for yourself in the near future?

Rather than a new goal, the next wish I would like to fulfil, is to be able to visit Singapore again next year! The places which I have visited in this tour, are places which I don’t intend to visit only just once. That’s why I always make promises to my fans in hopes that I would be able to see them again and hopefully by the end of next year!


Did you know? That LiSA only had less than 24 hours before the concert itself, to learn that one special song that meant so much to us Singaporeans, the song, Home by Kit Chan! And let us also not forget about her band members, Ra-menz, who also diligently learnt the instrumentals of the song in that little time!

Thank you LiSA for the wonderful memory you gave us, we hope and look forward to your next performance in Singapore!

That’s all we have for LiSA, stay tune for more from !


LiSA’s new album “Launcher” is now available on iTunes and digital music stores.

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