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Meet the world’s first ever animetic idol, Minami Momochi. With anime-style looks combined together with a human body, she looks just like she jumped right out of an anime!

Momochi Minami is a multi-talented idol who not just only a DJ. She is also an Akihabara ambassador, singer, dancer, host in quiz shows on TV and also a commentator  in professional wrestling matches! Her dream is to become the heroine of a Sunday morning anime!

Wthout further ado let’s get to the interview segment with her! Mochi !

You are well-known by many for different scopes, such as being an idol and a DJ, but can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?

I’d be glad to mochi! I’m Momochi Minami, the world’s first animetic idol mochi! I’m active as an anime song DJ and as a personality on TV shows. I’m frequently seen on NicoNico Douga live broadcasts as a host for various live events, as well as being a ringside announcer for professional wrestling mochi!

Did you start off being an idol or a DJ?

I made my debut on “Anisong Plus,” an anime information show on TV Tokyo mochi. I started out as a TV personality, then moved on to live acts and DJ-ing mochi!

How has this path of being an idol changed your life?

Although I was more of the quiet type when I was a child, I really love what I do now since I can create a fun experience together with many people. I think this has made my personality much more cheerful than it was before mochi!

But now I have so many things to do and things to think about. Lately, I’ve been forgetting and misplacing things more often, so I’m a bit concerned about that mochi ! (laughs)

Is there a type of music you prefer when you are mixing your music?

I like all anime songs but when I DJ, what I love playing songs from anime like Precure and Love Live which have fixed choreography because then I can dance together with the crowd and get everyone pumped up mochi!

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Can you tell us what the best experience is that you have had so far?

Being able to come to Singapore! It’s so much fun to meet with and DJ for anime fans and Momochi fans in Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and other Asian countries mochi!

Regarding what you do, is there anyone you seek inspiration from?

I respect hide from X JAPAN. My older brother who’s into rock introduced me to his music and I became a fan. Not only was his music and performance amazing, but he loved surprising his audiences most of the time. He was always searching for new and interesting things. I think it’s amazing that, even now that he is gone, his influence continues to be felt around the world mochi!

 That’s all we have for Momochi Minami, stay tuned for more from !

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