Since it was first announced in February this year, the Hyaku Shiki MG ver2.0 finally landed in my hands and within a week, I have completed the assembly and let’s take a look at it.

The Hyaku Shiki is a Mobile Suit from the Zeta Gundam and Gundam ZZ series in the Universal Century timeline. Despite its Gundam like appearance, officially it has never been classified as a Gundam type mobile suit.



Simplistic design is reflected here at the back. Just a standard backpack for thrusters and wing binders.

Not sure is it a combination of my experience or the kit is just being simple, it was assembled within a week which I used about 2 hours per night after work on this.

Inner frame aside, due to the chrome parts used for this Hyaku Shiki MG ver2.0, you will not be spending too much time on removing the nub marks away from the parts due to the ‘undergating’ parts available.

With this being Hyaku Shiki MG ver2.0, here are some moves it can pull off.


Only if we get to see Cha- I mean Quattro Bajeena dual weld the beam rifle and the clay bazooka.




More variations for the wing binders movement.


You can ‘close’ the binders now.

As beautiful as it is out of the box, this Hyaku Shiki MG ver2.0 will definitely be much more complete with either a paint job using the original colours or a custom colour scheme.

But something that I have noticed with the recent Bandai MG Gunpla that I have completed. Compared to the original releases, the newer kits is of an less bulk slightly, sometimes more items added to the back which gives it an very unbalanced feel.

While I was preparing for the photo takes, the Hyaku Shiki MG ver2.0 was swaying a little when a tower fan some couple of meters away blew in the direction. The older MGs stood their ground without flinching.


The first Hyaku Shiki MG, still looking great despite being a kit designed over an decade ago.


The original Titans slayers before Survey Corps.

All in all, this Hyaku Shiki MG ver2.0 is a good kit to build, though it still has some niggles, but not enough to take it away.

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