On the 18th July 2015, LiSA held her concert, LiVE is Smile Always 2015 in Singapore over at Sentosa, Resorts World Theatre. Starting in late June LiSA has performed in Philippines and in July in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan followed by the final stop Singapore last week. This is her first ever solo concert in Singapore which is part of her “LiSA – LiVE is Smile Always ~Asia Tour 2015″.

LiSA Concert (30)

Back in Anime Festival Asia LiSA 2013 LiSA made a promise to her fans in Singapore that she would one day return here and hold her solo concert. And on 18th July 2015 this year she was back to fulfilled that wish she has made.

But before we share about our review of the concert , let’s have a look back on the time when LiSA’s arrival over at Singapore Changi Airport!

Airport Welcome

A short twisted plot welcome story of how the minions (LiSakkos) welcome their Master (LiSA) at the airport.

Earlier on 15th July 2015, JMF – Japan Music Festival posted an announcement on their Facebook page with the flight details of the carrier which LiSA would be estimated to arrive on the 17th of July, at 17:30 hrs.

But little did she know that the minions in Singapore has got hold of the news and they have been waiting anxiously for LiSA their most villainous master to return once again. Preparations for her welcome has been underway even before her arrival day the minions has been working hard on to ensure this welcome is a success. Upon the arrival day, the minions were well prepared, equipped with gifts in their hands ready they even have a banner and their own fan club shirts made. From their eyes we can see that they are driven with determination to give their master a welcome that she can never forget.

As the clock ticks closer to the arrival time, an army of minions from all over Singapore has come together for one purpose only that is to give their master a welcome she can ever forget. Learning that their master’s plane has landed the minions were all filled with anticipation in them. Soon after at 17:50 hrs loud cheers can be heard from the minions a unison welcome home shout out can be heard from them to their master.

Like a villainous diva in the minions eyes, as LiSA walked through the doors. One of the minions took the chance and presented LiSA their fan club shirt. Follow by their first group photo taken together with the fan banner which they have hung out.

LiSA Arrival (2)


The second one was taken when the minion army was following eagerly behind LiSA outside of the airport when she suddenly turn around and stop them on their footsteps. Requesting that they should have another second group photo taken before she leave. With that the minions say their goodbyes and send off their master. But even after LiSA left the minions they were all in high spirits knowing that their master has arrived safely and their welcome was a success. The minions left the venue with big smiles on their faces and looking forward to the concert on the following day.

Pre Concert

Despite, with the hot and humid weather these days the early bird catches the worm. At the break of dawn some fans can already be spotted queuing up in front of the Resort World Theatre. Sales of the merchandise was schedule to go on sale at 12:00 hrs but fans have been arriving way earlier then the scheduled time. With the limited number of exclusive merchandise available on this tour and plus Singapore is the final stop of the concert tour.

It’s no wonder some of the fans feared that if they are late they may not be able to get their hands on them. But however, that’s only just one of the reason why some of the fans were there early. A small group of fans can be seen handing out flyers to the attendees of the concert before the opening and there seems to be some instructions stated on it.

As times passes by with just an hour before the opening, fans started lining up orderly before the door opens. Preparing themselves for the concert ahead with last-minute checks to ensure everything they need are in place. An adrenaline rush of excitement started to flow though the crowd knowing the concert will soon begin.

When the doors opened at 18:30 hrs fans started streaming into the venue with the ushers guiding them to their seats. A slight delayed was occurred and the performance was push back 15 minutes late. But nonetheless, the adrenaline rush of excitement in them can’t seem to be running out knowing that LiSA will be on stage soon.

Concert Performance

LiSA Concert (27)

With the lights darken, and there she was LiSA like a princess appearing on stage screams and cheers erupted from the fans on the first sight of her. Launching off with her first song Cosmic Jet Coaster” getting the crowd pumped up jumping on their feet with lightsticks started emerging out from the dark hall. With Cosmic Jet Coaster ended, “Crossing Field” followed on next which was the opening theme song for the anime, Sword Art Online.

Ending the second song, LiSA gave a short introduction, addressing to the fans that this is her fifth time back in Singapore but this is also her first solo concert here and she has many songs to share with them. Upon hearing this from her loud cheers and applause can be heard throughout the hall.

Shortly after that she move on to her next song Thousand Enemies which is the insert song for the anime Angel Beats!. This song is sang by Yui in the anime which LiSA has provided her singing voice to. The scene look like a pink ocean as fans can be seen in unison as they waved their pink light sticks with LiSA guiding them along. Next LiSA, started singing one of her iconic songs Oath Sign”, this song is no stranger to anime fans as this was used as the opening theme song of the hit anime Fate/Zero. This is also her 1st opening theme song for the anime Fate/Zero.  As she was singing the pink ocean started to transform into a sea of blue. Following that LiSA sang the next song “Mitsu” which was recently just launched in her new album “Launcher” back in March 2015.

A slow melody started playing as prepares herself for the next song Ichiban no Takaramono. This song was pretty much the one that have placed her on world stage today capturing the attention of the world. Despite it’s been sung by various artists from the Angel Beats!franchise. LiSA was the only one among them who is able portrait out the true feelings of this song stated by Maeda Jun the composer himself he say “there’s no one else but her” Hearing her sing now we understand why did Maeda Jun say those words back then. Chants shouting “LiSA LiSA LiSA” can be heard after she ended the song. 

Proceeding on to the next song, Little Braver by Girls Dead Monster from the anime Angel Beats!. As the song was ending LiSA got the audience in sequence with her as they chant out a continuous of “La,La,La”. She even challenge them on a duet on who can drag their “La” the longest. Of course, no one in the audience won the contest.

To the surprised of everyone LiSA picked up a guitar and started strumming. Every direction that she strummed send returns of crowds cheering tremulously. She then ask the crowd  “Do you guys love idol songs?”. The crowd replied with an excited loud “YES”.  She replied ” The next song I will be playing is a famous idol song in Japan”. Just when the crowd was trying to figure out what song is it going to be. LiSA went “I WANT YOU! I NEED YOU! I LOVE YOU!” it turned out to be short verse from “Heavy Rotation”, followed by “Flying Get” and “Fortune Cookie” from the famous AKB 48 Girl Group.

Still in the state of shock from the surprised that LiSA has given, the band immediately started playing their next song “Kimi no Pierrot” follow on to “Yuukei Yesterday”. Both song sounds really cheerful, bubbly with fans seen jumping on their feet and waving their lightsticks enthusiastically as the song plays. But the concert is only on it’s first hour already fans can be seen out of their breath some even taking a seat to conserve their energy for the long concert ahead.

Entering into her second MC session LiSA asked the audience “How was my AKB48?” Members of the audience gave her a big thumbs up and replied with a loud “LiSA number 1!” Some even suggested that she can formed her own group named “LiSA48” The replies from audience made her really happy then a mischievous LiSA started pointing to direction of the audience and got them cheering in accordance to the hall. Divided into left, centre, and right the audiences of course when along playing with her.

She started singing her latest single “Rally Go Round” picking up a whistle LiSA transformed herself into a temporary fitness instructor. Getting the audience ‘into shape’ with them jumping on their feet and clapping along with her, responding to parts where she would sing, “Dan, Dan, Dan”. The audience was really hyped up by her performance.

Before they knew it she’s already in her next song “Confidence driver” which pumped up the audience even more. Getting them chanting “1,2,3,4” each time louder than before. Continuing on “ROCK-mode” was next on the list bringing the energy in the hall up to the next level but just when you think it’s over. The next song “Rising Hope” which was the opening theme song for the anime Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei really pushed the crowd up to their limit. This was also the song that she sang when she had a duet with Eir Aoi in Music Japan back in May 2015.

LiSA asked the crowd if they like to dance and told them she will teach them slowly because she is a kind person. She taught everyone in the audience patiently on the choreography preparing them for her next song Electro Lyrical”, a dance hit song. The audience can be seen having lots of fun dancing to it and also a break from the ‘intensive workout’ they had just now.

LiSA Concert (21)

Next, was “Shirushi”, which is the third ending song of Sword Art Online II, her first ever ballad song. Back in 2014 Anime Festival Asia we asked her about what was the message she was trying to convey out from this song. She told us in this song there’s a message in it which she wanted to express to her fans and to the people she care for. With the blue lights shinning down on her she looked like an angel that has descended from the sky.

Taking the chance before her last song “BRiGHT FLiGHT”, LiSA address to the audience thanking them for coming and telling them this song next is for everyone. When in the midst a member of audience brought out a minion plusie and started flashing to her. Being a big fan of minions, and even being selected to be a dub cast in the movie. LiSA had no hesitation upon seeing it and gladly accepted it from his hands. Carrying it tightly in her arms like a mother holding a baby she ended the night with a happy and jolly song.


Encore Segment

However, that was not the end of the concert yet, with LiSA left the stage, fans started screaming “ENCORE! ENCORE!”.  At this time we can see the audience in front seated in the VIP started taking out a flyer which they have received earlier. Flyer? Remember, in our pre concert segment we mention that small group of fans can be seen handing out flyers to the attendees. It turns out to be the LiSA Singapore Fan Club LiSAkkos had a surprise plan for LiSA. Prior different from traditional screaming of  “ANKORU” we always heard from concerts as norm. They have planned to get the audiences together to sing a small part of Itsuka no Tegami and the flyer was the lyrics for the song. Started off with a shaky start their singing wasn’t in sequence but with sheer determination they managed to pulled it off all together as one.

LiSA Concert End (5)

With it successfully delivered, LiSA returned back on stage and started singing the chorus along with her fans. She mention that when she was backstage she heard them singing but she couldn’t figure out what song it was until she heard the “La,La,La“. She was really surprised that fans knew this song and was really touched by them. She then asked how many first timers and how many have been coming to see her perform since her debut in Anime Festival Asia. Although this is her fifth time coming to Singapore, this was her first solo concert here she added and Singapore was her second home.

To the shock of everyone in audience who can’t believe it when LiSA say she was singing “Home” an iconic National Day song. Sang by Singapore reowned artist Kit Chan back in 1998 National Day Parade. Till today this song is still constantly played in the National Day Parade it’s undoubtedly a well known song among the locals in Singapore. Emotions can be seen running wild in the audience with some of them with tears flowing down. A sense of patriotic can be felt in the hall as she sings with the audience singing along with her turning it into an early SG50 Celebration. Someone probably someone told her that Singapore’s National Day is coming soon.

LiSA Concert End (1)

Moving on with “Itsuka no Tegami” is the second song included in LiSA’s second single, Crossing Field. As she was stepping down from the platform LiSA had a slipped but luckily for her the minion she had earlier was there to save the day. Realizing that she sat on the minion during the fall LiSA apologize to it “Sorry Minion” and gave it a peck as thanks for saving her before returning it back to that lucky fan.

LiSA Group Photo (1)


Lastly, she thank the audience, crew and had a series of photo taking with all her fans as a commemoration for the end of her Asia tour. LiSA surprised everyone with the final song “Crow Song”. A shock to everyone including the crew when LiSA got off the stage and raced down to the middle of the hall. Before leaving the stage LiSA made a promise with everyone that she will be back again.

And with this LiSA – LiVE is Smile Always ~Asia Tour 2015 has officially came to the end in Singapore. Looking at all smiles on the audience as they leave the hall we truly understand the meaning of the title now behind this tour.

If you have no idea who is LiSA?!
Check out our article about her http://www.ani-culture.net/2015/07/lisa-live-is-smile-always-asia-tour-2015-singapore/


LiSA’s new album “Launcher” is now available on iTunes and digital music stores

Official Concert Photo Credits: SOZO

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