The moment AniCrush!!! was announced, it was with great excitement that filled in the Ani-Culture Team who were determine to attend the party no matter what it takes. Anime EDM has been growing in popularity for a while now and DJs, producers have been releasing their music using online streaming services (Mixcloud, Audiomack).

Some clubs in Tokyo also have been doing club streams nights as well. One of them is Mogra and that’s where the AniCrush!!! crew is, and if you like Anime EDM music be sure to check out their schedules and streams!


AniCrush!!! is the brainchild of Bennosukesan who aims to make Anikura (anime song DJ club events) accessible internationally. Their DJ events mostly consist of anime songs or Akiba-kei songs which they play in their original form as part of a mix or remix.

They have an incredible crew consisting of kaxtupe (pronounced “kappe”), GuySaaaaaN!!, B.S.R., DJ Taahii, DJ Amaya and Minami Momochi and VJ Kunahara, VJ Zero. They also have Ruki from Spain and Aminyan from Detroit who are now performing idols in Japan! The turnout was awesome considering that it’s a Sunday night and it was every bit as expected from a anisong clubbing experience. Songs cater to both male and female audiences alike and there was a huge number of Love Live and Utapri songs being played.

The crowd was simply fun and crazy that night in the way they are just so hyped. The atmosphere is really different from our experience in conventions and concerts where the crowd wasn’t as hyped compare to here. Compared to a convention, the club just attracts a different demographic. The result? A room full of dancing and wotagei, with plenty of penlights going in rhythm with the music.


AniCrush!!! Singapore The Experience!

It’s also a first, seeing our local talents and cosplayers dance inside a club which is way different from the usual outdoor stages or events that we usually see them in. It certainly gives a totally different vibe which the crowd certainly find enjoyable and easy to just dance along with their performances. Speaking of local talents, we also had Singaporean DJs mix up anisongs. Rainyrhy who does mostly J-core with plenty of bass to go around. Playing mostly a Vocaloid centric mix was Zalas, people who love leeks and Miku will love the mix he does.

A personal favourite is k0sm0s, love it when songs from Aikatsu, Pripara kick into the mix which is mostly recent anime and idol-centric. Cosplayers Aya, Lawliet, Mirel together with singers Serene, Reina and dancer Suzuki Suzume put up a good solo performance to cheers of fans and friends alike.

Music distribution was very wide covering different kinds of anisongs and popular Japanese artiste songs. Idol songs of all kinds were played from popular anime Love Live to Utapri, Idolm@ster, Aikatsu down to Pripara were played and the crowd were having the time of their lives dancing to it.


Minami Momochi mixed up mostly LoveLive and Precure tunes with her own originals. As an idol DJ she engages with the crowd with dancing and calls. Some lucky fans were able to get hold of her very own personally designed sweets that’s stored in her hair accessory!


Many oldies from example, Cowboy Bebop and Gundam were also played that night. One of the highlights was Shinji Orito, composer at Key Sounds Label (like wooaaaah! IKR!) , whose style of music DJing was just pure ecstasy. DJ Amaaya ended the whole event with idol music from Pripara and iDOLM@STER, just the perfect way to end the party with a high.

Wrapping up, this is truly one of a kind music event in Singapore that we hope will be seeing more regularly. Hopefully AniCrush!!! realizes its goal in spreading its Anikura culture globally because it’s just too much fun!

AniCrush!!! Vol. 7 -- 2nd Anniversary

To end off be sure to check out Anicrush for more info, as they will be celebrating their 2nd Anniversary in Mogra on this coming 26th July this month, so check the live broadcast out at Ustream!

To find out more about the Anikura culture check out our interviews with AniCrush!!! organizer Bennosuke-san and DJ Momochi Minami the world’s only 2.5D Idol.

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anicrushtokyo
Official Website: http://anicrush.com

Photo Credits: MEGUSURINOKI Speedknight


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