May’n, best known as the singing voice behind Macross Frontier’s Sheryl Nome, has finally set foot in the land of smiles fore Anime Festival Asia Thailand. She has also recently just completed her world tour “May’n Road to 10th anniversary Japan & World Tour 2014 – 2015 [Dots And lines]” which commemorates her 10th anniversary, traversing all around Japan in 47 prefectures and 6 countries joining “lines” to every “dot” (Performance Locations) in a celebration that took over a year to complete. This was also longest tour she has ever been on since her debut.

May’n continues to fascinates the audiences in AFA Thailand with her irresistible singing skills and unique voice.
This interview was done in collaboration with comrades from Macrossword.

May'n AFA TH 2015 (2)

With the finale of the Dots & Lines world tour, what is the most memorable moment to you ?

It is difficult to determine which one is the most memorable, but if I were to choose one, during the final leg of the tour at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo, we had a flag banner which comprised of all the messages from all the different countries that we had visited on the tour. So I was singing with all the messages behind me which made me feel that all the fans around the world were united with me. This was the one which made be very happy.

­Can you tell us a little bit about the ‘Complete Version’ for the “Behind of Dots and Lines” documentary?

Currently, there is only a few short videos which was published on Youtube that is showing some of the film documentary. The complete version will be limited for the fan club, and these will be more of the personal documentary and behind the scenes footage included in this film documentary.

For ‘Lethe’, the OP song of ‘Cross Legion’, you had travelled all the way to London to record it. How did it feel doing a recording in a foreign country? In addition, you had also did an English version of the song of ‘Lethe’ as well, can you share the experience behind it?

As London is the center of the entertainment around the world, I had the chance to experience close up from many creators that had tried to spread their works around the world. Not just only to Japan, I would also want to create songs to spread the message to all the people around the world. Compared to the first time that I went overseas for a live concert, I’m able to do more with English now. I definitely felt the importance to communicate with the fans with English being the medium. So for the English version of the song, i felt that it will be better to deliver my feelings to a lot more fans out there.

Please tell us the concept behind your upcoming Special Live at Budokan. Also, please do tell us more about the new album which will be launched prior to the live.

With the activities for “Road to 10th Anniversary” tour to welcome the 10th Anniversary, for the actual celebration of the 10th Anniversary, there will be a special concert and an album compilation of the best hits throughout the ten years will be on sale. Throughout these ten years, it is thanks to the fans that have cheered and supported me which has made these activities possible and for me to continue. So for the 10th anniversary, in order to say “Thank You” to fans for all the support, I will be singing in this special concert “The Power of Voice” at Budokkan to all the fans that had supported me to reach this milestone.

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What is your most memorable feeling throughout these 10 years since you debuted?

I m very glad that there are a lot of people throughout the world cheering for me, not just only in Japan. I would like to do more activities to bring the fans closer in oversea countries as well.

This is your second time visiting Thailand, what is your impression of Thailand and is there any food that you would like to introduce to your fans?

Thais are very warm and with a bit of shyness accompanied with them, which I feel that they are very close to Japanese as well. The food is very delicious! Usually I  like to eat spicy stuff, but before the live I have to avoid these food as it will affect my throat, but during personal time, I would love to eat them. What I would definitely recommend is the Thai Mango Sticky Rice Pudding (Khao Niaow Ma Muang). This is my favourite as I was eating this everyday through my previous 3-day stay in Thailand.

May'n AFA TH 2015 (3)

You are doing the Opening song for Aquarion Logos, how does it feel to work with Shoji Kawamori again?

During these 10 years of activities, it was a very memorable meeting with Shoji Kawamori during my debut. I’m very honored and blessed to work with him again after all these years. Since Aquarion is also having its ten-year anniversary, I’m looking forward to working with him again.

Please look forward for the next announcement.

There was some difficulty singing in Japanese, Chinese and English during your world tour, How do  you over them to bring out the feeling of the lyrics?

When I did the first live in Singapore, I wasn’t able to communicate with them in English, but what had touched me was that everyone was able to join together as one. However, many fans who love Japanese stuff had learnt some Japanese to send messages to me. It is these actions that drives me forward to learn their language in order to communicate how much I love them.

That’s all we have for May’n, stay tune for more from !

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