HG Revive was first announced in February as an update to the popular High Grade(HG) gunpla model kits. It promises to deliver new articulations bringing more life and poses to the gunpla kit. Here I have, is the first kit from the Revive line, the HGUC RX-77-2 Guncannon.

Mini Introduction 

The Guncannon made its appearence in the 1st Gundam TV Anime Series, “Mobile Suit Gundam”, in which it served as a support unit alongside RX-78-2 Gundam and Guntank. The suit itself was piloted by Kai Shiden & Hayato Kobayashi.

The suit itself was designed as a mid range support unit which played an important part during the one year war.


Next up would be the review of the the old school suit.

Guncannon Box Art

To start off,  Here are the photos of the assembled kit:

Picture8 Picture9

Picture10 Picture13

The kit’s articulation is good which allows for more poses.

Following are some of the positive feature of the kit:


The neck joint which allow the head to move more freely.



The back of the kit which allow you to add some backpack from the HG Build Custom series. This would create more unique look for the kit which believe that everyone would agree.



For the legs, it allows you to bend at a angle in which you can do much more poses.


Weapons & Backpack:

guncannon backpack Picture4 Picture6




Well, a bit of disappointment for the regular Decal. It would be better to include a few more designs which I believe will make the kit itself much more attractive. Was hoping for the EFSF Logo though -_-



Not too bad, an extra pair of manipulators are included which allows you to do more expressive poses.




Didn’t know that Guncannon is able to do a godlike pose, haha 😀


Pros: It’s the new line of HG and through out the entire building process, I did not find any hassle and it is easy to build, Other than its easy building, once you are done with the assembly, you can do quite a number of action poses.

Cons: Not much to state but it would be good to include additional 1 or 2 more extra items, like hand grenade or hyper beam javelin.


To conclude the this review, this kit is highly recommended for anyone whether are you a fan of the anime, Guncannon fans, HGUC fans, etc. This kit is an improved version using the latest technology and if you have built the old HG Guncannon, you will be able see the difference.

For newbies who just got into this hobby and I can guarantee that you will find fun and satisfaction along the way while building this kit 🙂


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