Taken from a page or 2 in the latest issue of Hobby Magazine, Bandai has dropped the bombshell known as PG Banshee Norn.

14th July update: Official images attached. 


This is the 2nd PG scale Gunpla kit in the Gundam Unicorn series to be released after the Unicorn Gundam was released last December. The suggested retail price will be ¥22,000 and slated for released in September this year.

Given the similarity in the design between the Unicorn and Banshee Norn, I suspect Bandai is/maybe using the same inner frame from the Unicorn for this Banshee Norn kit. And, since the Unicorn has an LED feature, I will surprised if Bandai drops this feature for the Banshee Norn. Based on the image above, it seems like the very same LED set for the PG Unicorn can be used on this upcoming PG Banshee Norn as well.

Sensing a disturbance, the NT-D is activated.

Sensing a disturbance, the NT-D is activated.


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