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Cosplay started off as a simple hobby but has since evolved greatly over time. Some did it for fun. Others had opinions that it was something special that allows them to become who they are not. The pleasure and excitement in transforming one’s looks and parading as a character they love is rather delightful. The simplistic idea of cosplaying has now travelled everywhere, bringing joy and hope to many people around the globe.

It is inspiring and spreads smiles across faces, uniting people who might be so different in person but shared the same passion. It’s about sharing and spreading the love and joy. So today, I am going to share this love with everyone else.

Kayman for writeup

Kyman Cheng is a cosplay photographer from the Netherlands. He started photography when he was 17 simply because he wanted to capture some memories with his friends but little did he know, it became a passion and also part of his life for the past 4 years . His love for cosplay photography birthed a new project, CSPLY, and embarked on a journey travelling through 12 countries in Europe.

Stefan Dorresteijn a young entrepreneur with a storied background in writing, marketing and IT. The business arm of the project, he loves being a part of the new media world.  He was approached by to help out with writing emails, facebook posts, blog posts and the Kickstarter project itself. He does all of the  paperwork and is responsible for building and fixing the website. he will be working behind the scenes, so he will not be travelling nor attend most conventions due to his regular work.


Traveling 12 Countries in Europe

Traveling 12 Countries in Europe

The project CSPLY Eu, launched by founders Kyman Cheng and Stefan Dorresteijn, is a new cosplay photobook currently being crowd-funded on Kickstarter. Apart from the book, they will also be releasing prints and other merchandise. The idea is to unite the European cosplay community together by putting everyone’s best in a single cosplay photography hardcover book of the highest quality. Over 50 cosplayers originating from over 12 European countries will be working with Kyman for this project, including the following:

The photos will be in the highest quality ever possible. There are so much details in each work and it just echoes the word PERFECTION at every picture. I really love how the cosplayers are so into the character and the photographer managed to give live to his works.

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And that is the gift of cosplay. It is for anyone and everyone. You have the power to be who you want to be.

I know that by now, all of you dropped your jaws because of such amazing works in the mini preview and trust me, that is not even 10% of it. There’s 150 pages of awesomeness in the SUPER HIGH QUALITY AND HARD COVER PHOTO BOOK BY THE ONE AND ONLY KYMAN!

If you are interested and want to find out more about the book or the project,  don’t be shy and make sure to visit the links below and back the project!

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