Announcement of Artistes and Voice Actors, Check…..
Announcement of Creators and Illustrators, Check……

Up next, we have the announcement of the featured content that will be at CharaExpo 2015! Happening at Singapore Expo Hall 7, below is the Map of the event


Movie Area |

A 200-seater movie section that will be catered to fans for free at the event, where event-goers could catch some of the featured films at the event!

Movies to be shown include:
– Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova DC (Day 1)
– Attack on Titan: Crimson Bow and Arrow (Day 2)
– Dragonball Z: Revival of F (both days)
– The Last Naruto (both days)

This area is also shared together with the Otaku Wars Quiz to be held at 1pm on both days. There will be cool prizes to be won as well!

Entertainment Stage |

The main stage will feature a spectrum of content that brings colour to different aspects of the anime, manga and cosplay culture, with guests aplenty to grace the event:


Cardfight!! Vanguard Stage- A special talk show featuring Takaaki Kidani, CEO of Bushiroad Inc., Tsubasa Yonaga, Voice Actor of Aichi Sendou and Izumi Kitta, Voice Actor of Misaki Tokura

Mashiro Ayano Mini Live – Mashiro Ayano is a rising Japanese female pop singer famous for her song “ideal white” from the opening theme of animation series “Fate/stay night”. She also sang “vanilla sky”, the opening theme song of a new TV anime series “GUNSLINGER STRATOS”. Be dazzled by her powerful voice at her mini-live performance!

LA EDEN DE LA GRISAIA STAGE  – Find out more about GRISAIA behind-the-scenes with Ryuichiro Yamakawa, CEO of Frontwing, Akio Watanabe, the Character Designer and Fumio, the Illustrator!




The Melodies of VisualArt’s LIVE Performance- Listen to the melodies of VisualArt’s, it’s the key to open your heart! Join legendary music producer Shinji Orito and singer Ayaka Kitazawa in their mini-live performance!

Ryo Horikawa Stage- Meet the person behind the voice of all-time favourite character from Dragonball Z, Vegeta! The epic level of legendary voice actor Ryou Horikawa’s first appearance in Singapore is going to be over 9000!

Captain Tsubasa Stage – Join Yoichi Takahashi, the Creator of Captain Tsubasa, as well as Voice Actor Syuta Morishima as they share more about the long-standing and widely known manga revolving around the adventures of a soccer team that has spurred multiple series of the manga and anime adaptations.

CharaExpo 2015 Cos☆Stage Final Round –




CE Cos

The Top 10 cosplayers will participate in the final round of Cos☆Stage at CharaExpo 2015 on 20 June 2015 with a game character cosplay. With years of experience in the cosplay community, guest cosplayers KANAME☆, Tatsumi Inui and Sin Izumi will be judging and selecting the winner of CharaExpo 2015 Cos☆Stage, who will be going to Tokyo Game Show 2015!

Tokyo Game Show 2015 is one of the largest game events in Asia held from Sep 17th to 20th in Makuhari-Messe Japan. You can enjoy it through a variety of ways such as playing new games, game character event and cosplay!

More about Tokyo Game Show:

For more information about CharaExpo 2015 Cos☆Stage , please check out the link here


Mini Stage |

Because there’s so much going on, one stage isn’t possible to handle everything. Some of the guests will be making their appearance at the Mini Stage! Activities at the Mini Stage will include Photo-taking sessions, autograph sessions as well as Live Drawing presentations.


Booths |

There are many booths that the event goers that are attending could check out! You can view what booths are at the event with the CharaExpo Floorplan here!


For more details of the event itself, you can check them out at the links below:



Twitter: @CharaExpo


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