More announcement and surprises just came in during the 2nd instalment of the Press Conference of the upcoming event, CharaExpo 2015.


During this conference, there were many new additions to the current list of guests that will be attending CharaExpo 2015.


Kurosaki Maon (黒崎真音)

Maon Kurosaki

She will be attending CharaExpo 2015 alongside the other 2 announced artist, Mashiro Ayano and Ayaka Kitazawa. This is the first time she will set foot in Singapore to perform!


Maon Kurosaki started her back in 2012 when she sang for the ending theme song for the anime, “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD”. She has also done the opening and ending of a couple popular TV animations for example, To Aru Majutsu No Index II (Magic∞world), the OVA for Hellsing Ultimate (SCARS), Tokyo Ravens (X-ENCOUNTER), JOURMUNGAND: PERFECT ORDER (UNDER/SHAFT) etc.


Outside the Anisong circle, she too has other cool songs like VANISHING POINT, Screaming! Shouting Loudly, 黎鳴 – reimei, REINCARNATION and many more!

Maon Kurosaki’s latest single, Setsuna no Kajitsu (刹那の果実), will be used as the opening theme for the upcoming TV animation La Eden de la Grisaia!

She previously has done the opening for the TV animation, La Fruit de la Grisaia which was the previous season to the upcoming one this year!

黒崎真音 NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan OFFICIAL SITE:
Official Twitter :
Official Blog :



Adding on to the current list of the Voice Actors and Actress attending this event in the previous release article, 3 more have been added to the list and they are Ryo Horikawa, Mikoi Sakaki and Syuta Morishima.

Ryo Horikawa (堀川 りょう)

Ryo Horikawa CE2015

Ryo Horikawa is well known in many roles, more significantly as Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Series, Kou Uraki from Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.

More About Ryo Horikawa

Official Blog:

Official Twitter: @ryohorikawa

Mikoi Sakaki (佐々木未来)

sakaki chan CE2015

Mikoi Sakaki is known for her roles as Hercule Barton in Milky Holmes, Himeno Katsurtagi in D.C III and Kuguru Uki in Future Card Buddyfight. She is also a member in the group, Milky Holmes, which consists of the cast of the TV Animation, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.

More about Mikoi Sakaki :

Official Blog:

Official Twitter : @mikoiwate_351

Syuta Morishima (森嶋 秀太.)

Syota CE 2015

Syuta Morishima is known for his role as Shin Nitta in Cardfight!! Vanguard! 3 years ago, he was in Singapore to attend the Cardfight!! Festival held at Suntec City (in which you can find the article here)

Official Blog:

Official Twitter: @morishimazo

At the Press Conference, the lovely Aimi made an appearance on the stage in front of the crowd!



With the new addition of Artistes and Voice Actor/Actresses into the guest list, we hope everyone is looking forward to this happening soon!

CharaExpo 2015 will be held on the 20th to the 21st of June at Singapore Expo Hall 7!

For more details of the event itself, you can check them out at the links below:



Twitter: @CharaExpo


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