This weekend’s CharaExpo is set to become the biggest mid-year event yet in Singapore, a mega-show combining  anime, games, hobby and pro-wrestling in an extravaganza over two full days at Singapore Expo.

However, that’s not all.

There may be a plethora of events happening in the day, but once the night falls, the main event will begin!


Descending in Club Kyo at Cecil Street, comes the inaugural international Anikura experience! AniCrush, the official CharaExpo After-party!

Tucked away in skyscraper-lit downtown, in the basement of a tower in the bustling, dazzling business district of metropolis singapore is kyō. a space where elemental music meets visionary art. the art of escapism honed to its finest.

Past the alluring, all-seeing eyes adorning the entrance, the access to an inconceivable abyss: a doorway to myriad new pleasures unfurls before your sight. look to the right and you’d be invited to indulge in a bewildering range of sake-delics. the city’s longest bar is reassuringly stocked to the brim with fine spirits, wines and beers worthy of the taste and refinement of the well-travelled individual you are.

Walk on if you dare, and be lured by the unrelenting beat throbbing for your attention. your feet begin to move at their own will. with each beat, you shimmy a step closer to a primal gathering nearing its point of frenzy. the rush takes you over, you make unforgettable eye contact, there is no choice but to surrender.

In this moment of enchantment, against a backdrop of rough-cut stone, wood and bronze, how can it be that everything you’ve ever known all starts to make sense?

But your night has only just begun…



What is Anikura?

Anikura “アニクラ” is a genre of Japanese club culture that began at the turn of the century. The term comes from  combining  the words “anime song” and “club”, featuring DJs playing both originals and remixes from anime songs, game music, J-pop and others, together with VJs mixing up visuals from anime and more.

Sourced mostly from anime, the songs are mostly upbeat and full of energy, thus it is easy for anyone who likes anime to enjoy anikura, even if it is their first time. Therefore, it is a very appealing offering.



AniCrush!!! At CharaExpo 2015

For the first time outside of Japan, AniCrush!!! brings you the authentic anikura experience direct from the clubs of Akihabara. Enjoy the best originals and EDM remixes of anime songs, J-idol, Vocaloid, game music, dempa, chiptunes and more, delivered by our charismatic AniCrush!!! DJ and VJ crew, collaborating with a talented team of local performing guests for an evening you won’t forget!

The performers include:

Team AniCrush DJs (From Left to Right)

DJ Amaya

DJ Amaya is self-produced DJ bursting with talent who started doing remixes and making original tracks in 2003. His original CD “One of a kind” and “Hitsuzen” were met with critical acclaim and were heavily downloaded on and On his podcast “Hitsuzen Radio” he played his numerous original remixes of Ayumi Hamasaki and anime songs, as well as introduced listeners to cool Japanese remixes and dance music tracks, which increased his popularity. Thanks to his popular remixes, he has been invited to perform at AX Dance in LA, Anime Central in Rosemont, IL, Sac-Anime, Animazement and other major anime conventions throughout the USA.

Minami Momochi

Hi, I’m the world’s first animetic idol, Minami Momochi! I’m on quiz shows on TV and on the internet, I sing and dance, I’m a commentator at professional wrestling matches, and I’m an anisong DJ mochi. My dream is to become the heroine of a Sunday morning anime! Recently, I often go to Asagaya Anime Street! Please root for me mochi!


kaxtupe isn’t pronounced “kax-too-peh” It’s “kappe”

Incorporating techno, house and EDM into an anisong-centric mix, kaxtupe strives to create a playing style that really inspires people to dance. He’s also well known as being on the team behind the hyper urban rave event Re:animation, as well as organizer of popular events “cheesecake” at 8bit cafe in Shinjuku and Chara Ani which is shaking up the neighborhood of Shin Ogikubo.

His day job is leader of a theater troupe, producer, scenario writer and actor.


GuySaaaaaN!! began his DJ career at the end of December, 2012. His DJing on Ustream drew over 500 viewers, and he gained instant fame. Since then, his DJ activities have taken him not only within Tokyo but also in Gunma, Saitama, Fukui, Gifu, Kyoto and Osaka, reaching across the country.

Recently, he has also been engaging in more “serious” activities outside of the club scene, teaching DJing at various events to families with children, and even foreign dignitaries visiting Japan.


B.S.R. began as a techno DJ in 2006.
Soon afterwards, he made his international debut, flying to LA to perform with Yasutaka Nakata.
Upon his return, he enjoyed a steady career as a DJ, playing in regular events at Womb in Shibuya. But then, in 2012, he had a fateful encounter with the anime song DJ club scene, and the rest is history.

In 2013, he co-founded the international anime song DJ club event AniCrush!!! which gained immediate attention and popularity.


Team AniCrush VJ



Distracted by a cute cosplayer at an anikura event, Kunahara spilled his rum & coke on the sub-organizer’s clothes. And that was how he was invited to become VJ at AniCrush!!! While suffering from a mild case of shyness, Kunahara has managed to expand his circle of friends in the anikura scene with his masterful use of “yeah” and “um” to move the conversation along. He began his career as a VJ when he answered an ad for Xi-lium.


Guest DJs (From Left to Right)


An aspiring DJ whom is following the trend of anime DJs is on the rise in Japan and worldwide. Wants to be the local example of an Anime DJ and show to the audience the greatness of EDM and Anime songs combined.


Hobbyist electronic music producer with a current focus on VOCALOID music. Favorite genres include hardcore techno, trance and technopop. Attends various VOCALOID and anime song concerts in his spare time, and does wotagei for exercise.


I’m a Singaporean who loved going to Aniclubs the past few years in Japan that I picked up Anisong DJ-ing myself so one day Singapore could enjoy this phenomena as well. Enjoys doing aniclub dances. Will be playing original anisongs, no remixes. This will be my first time playing to an audience so please bear with me!


Guest Singers (From Left to Right)

Serene (also appearing as cosplayer)

Serene is an avid performer with a love for cosplay. She believes in the importance of enjoying herself in anything that she does, hence you’ll see her bubbly personality shine through on stage and in her cosplay! She also enjoys meeting people, do drop by AniCrush!!! to say hi!


Reina aspires to be a dancing singer and takes part regularly in local Japanese singing performances, including Cosfest and EOY. She looks up to Tanaka Reina and Morning Musume, and is deeply influenced by the Hello! Project performance style. In recent years, she has been sharing videos of her singing and dancing on Youtube and Japanese Video-sharing site NiconicoDouga, and has been taking professional dance lessons to be closer to her dream. She is looking forward to more performing opportunities in the future.


Guest Dancer


Suzume Suzuki 

In addition to performing solo, Suzume will be leading the cosplayers in a choreography lesson during CharaExpo and a demonstration / performance during AniCrush!!!

ヤーホイ!すずめです!I’m a dancer from Singapore. I upload Jpop dance covers on Nico Nico Douga and Youtube. My favourite dancer/踊り手 in Japan is Wata! Like Wata, I hope to spread happiness and energy through my dance and smile~! Let’s have fun together


Guest Cosplayers (From Left to Right)

In addition to the dance performance, there will be opportunities during the evening to photograph the cosplayers (details coming soon)


Hi everyone, I am Aya! It is a great honor to be invited as one of the guest for Anicrush and I am feeling really excited about it already. Looking forward to the day where we could all meet and party together, see you there!


Known for being versatile. No problem with both male and female character cosplays. Has been invited as guest and judge for a few events.


Hi everyone! I’m Mirei, a cosplayer and dancer (sometimes doing both together!) I’m also from Pika Pika Meido Cafe~ :3

Gintama and Love Live are my favourite series to cosplay from, but I’ll be bringing along a Vocaloid costume for the CharaExpo after-party! Looking forward to seeing everyone there! 😀


Come along and join us in the newest entry to the local club scene! Dance away and enjoy an unforgettable night of Anisong and Club music!

WHEN: June 21 2015 (Sunday) 8 pm to 3 am

WHERE: Club Kyo, 133 Cecil Street, Singapore 069535


Please note that although this is an official after-event of CharaExpo, you must be 18 years and above in order to enter the club.

For more information on the event, performers and guests, please check out the following links:


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