Mel Kishida, famous for his works as novel illustrator for Heaven’s Memo Pad, Atelier Series and as a GUST illustrator. After 4 years, Mel Kishida is finally back in Singapore! This time though, he is back to judge the cosplay stage at CharaExpo!

For the uninitiated, you might want to read our previous interview of him. Ani-Culture is honoured to have him talk to us again about his work and cosplay!

CharaExpo Mel Kishida (2)

How does it feel to be invited back to Singapore again?

Hmmm, I have to look at my passport…. oh yes 2011! I’m very happy to be invited back to Singapore. It’s not just these events but also the sights and sounds of Singapore. I really enjoy travelling back here again.

As the main illustrator for Atelier Rorona, Totori and Meruru. Would you have wanted to continue to be the main illustrator for Atelier Ayesha as well?

If you look at the overall history of Atelier games, the illustrator does change from time to time so it’s not out of the ordinary to do so.

Can you tell us about the golden suit?

Hahaha! This was meant purely as an April’s fool joke where I do something weird in the spirit of April’s fool! I thought it was amusing.

On your twitter, you have posted picture of yourself doing cosplay, why the sudden interest? Even to the extent of coming here to judge the cosplay competition.

I can’t really deny that I have no interest in cosplay but its more of a casual hobby for me rather than anything serious. Unlike the pros, I don’t make my own costumes, I bought them.

CharaExpo Mel Kishida (3)


Finally, what kind of cosplay or what cosplay do you see yourself doing in the future?

Actually I would like to cosplay last bosses or monsters, that would be fun. Something like the impersonation that was mentioned which is actually a boss monster from Dragon Quest 4.

There you have it guys! The origins of his bizarre shenanigans! As for the monster, my only guess is Estark?

 That’s all we have for Mel Kishida, stay tuned for more from !

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