H.O.T.D, Magic∞world, UNDER/SHAFT, X-Encounter, all these songs, which artist does this ring a bell to you? You bet it right! Maon Kurosaki was in Singapore for Chara Expo 2015!

It is also her first visit to Singapore, and we had a nice interview session. Questions ranged from how did she began her career, her role models and many more were answered during this interview session.

CharaExpo Maon Kurosaki

So you are involved with Altima as well while having your solo career, which one is more fun for you?

Altima has been very fun for me, its like being involved with a group in high school where it’s just so fun and lively. However I like going solo as well because I have all the freedom in doing what I want.


Since this is your first time are in Singapore, what is your first impression of it and is there anything you would like to try during your visit here?

The weather in Singapore is hot. The sky is pretty and bright and that brings a happy aura here. I tried some delicacies like Chicken Rice! Later on after the interview I will be going to the Merlion!

Its been 5 years since your major debut. How do you feel about your career?

Since young, I like to listen to Anisong, like to watch anime and also like to play video games. I also see myself as an “Otaku”. It has always been a dream to be working in the anime industry and here I am now Singing!

You have your upcoming 5th Anniversary Live on the 12th of September this year, are there any plans for a world tour soon?

I hope to do a world tour in the future. During this 5 years, I get to meet fans overseas and I get to build more experience from this. I usually discuss  with my friends and we will see to decide whether to go ahead with a World Tour. I will try my best and work hard towards bringing you the World Tour!

A month ago you released the song “Setsuna no Kajitsu”, with this song whats the message that you want to send to your fans?

Hmmmm, its difficult to express it strictly in words but when you are in a difficult situation where you are puzzled as to what to do, you should just go with your gut feel rather than be stuck thinking how to resolve it.

In Japan, the way to enjoy Anisong is with this special feeling. I hope to bring and convey the feeling with everyone around the world!

Who is your inspiration?

Hmm, that would be Minami Kurabayashi-san. She’s like a senior to me in my career life. I look up to her when she performs and I wish and hope I could be like her in the future!


Out of all the songs you have performed in your career, which is your most favorite?

Personally, I find this pretty hard to answer as every song of mine is a favorite, but if you would ask me the song that most represents me truly would be the first Song I sang in my career, H.O.T.D for the TV animation ” Highschool of the Dead “.

 That’s all we have for Maon Kurosaki, stay tune for more from Ani-Culture.net !

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