At Singapore Expo on 20-21st June this year, anime trading cards company Bushiroad (Vanguard, Buddy Fight, Weiss Schwarz) organized Chara Expo 2015. Aimed at bringing more of Japanese subculture locally, Chara Expo pulled out all stops to achieving this end.

Of course, who can forget that months before the event, public buses were given the full itasha treatment which really gave the ‘Akiba’ feel in Singapore!












As for the event itself, Visual Novel names like Visual Art Key who are famous for titles like Little Busters, Angel Beats, Clannad and Air and Frontwing, famous for the The Fruit of Grisaia series are represented.

Nitro+ was also present but instead of promoting its whole range of games, it promoted the very popular Touken Ranbu. Apparently this booth is currently getting a lot of attention lately for twitter user gk_reiko! Shots below.

As expected of a Bushiroad Event, card games like Vanguard, Buddy Fight and Weiss Schwarz take up a huge portion with a HUGGGGEEEE space dedicated to tourneys.

Being a Bushiroad promoted title, Love Live! has a huge presence at the Chara Expo 2015 too. Game areas were setup, the Bushiroad store booth were selling various merchandise as well. Lastly, they even have a booth promoting the Kanda Festival in Japan!

Other exhibits include a promotional booth for the upcoming Doraemon movie to be screened here which also shows statues of characters in the anime and some short history about them. Also present was a Shingeki no Kyoujin live action movie booth with the standees of the cast members!


Promotional material for Prism Nana was also around and damn the anime looks good. Heres some photos! Love the artwork for their CD album, too awesome!


As a staple of big events, Good Smile Company shows of their figures and damn they are tempting!

At Sony’s booth, Mashiron’s signature can be seen. This time, they are promoting their latest line of hi-resolution audio products. A guide can be found here!

mashiron siggy


AniCrush!!! was also present with their DJs spinning for 2 days and at the after party as well at Kyo. Their booth proved to be highly entertaining with some of our crew spending many hours just listening in! Article of the AniCrush!!! experience coming up!


A huge draw at Chara Expo is also Japanese Wrestling! Besides drawing a huge crowd, certainly seeing it up close and personal in the real is very exciting!

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Overall, with the growing number of anime-cons and subculture events, Chara Expo really sets itself apart with really unique content especially with the Japanese Pro Wrestling and huge Visual Novel companies presence. Besides spreading the otaku subculture, Chara Expo has done well in spreading other parts of Japanese culture as well!


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