Popular anime series “Ano Hana” which was aired in the spring of 2011 by Fuji Television will be getting an special live-action drama adaption. Of course Fuji Television will be broadcasting this drama later this year.

In the original anime series, it revolves around a group of childhood friends trying to reconnect in high school after drifting apart following a tragedy years earlier. Other than the anime series, there was an manga and a film sequel released in 2013.

The live-action cast of the Ano Hana drama are Yuta Takahata, Airi Matsui, Murakami, Minami Hamabe, Jun Shison and Marie Itoyo. (From left to right in the featured photo)

One of the main talking point is that in this live-action drama, Menma(played as Minami Hamabe) will be sporting black hair colour instead of the silver hair colour found in the anime series. The explanation behind the change in the colour was that it would be better in black if you have a humane feel.

Stay tuned once we have more updates on the broadcast date of this special drama, meanwhile you will have time to stockpile the handkerchiefs and tissues.

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