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Anime Festival Asia Thailand x Bangkok Comic Con 2015

AFA TH x BCC was one heck of a huge event having situated at the Bangkok International Trade and Convention Centre. and ran for four long days from 30th April to 3rd May. On each of the four days, the halls were thronged with an enormous amount of people dressed in costumes and creative clothing, complete with weapons and props.

It was truly a sight to behold. Entering the halls of AFA TH was like entering the gateway of heaven. People dashed to the respective booths for the limited goods the moment the doors opened for entry.

AFA is famed for their elaborate and exclusive content which has kept fans entertained year after year. It was the same for their first appearance in Thailand. They had an amazing exhibition filled with games,  activities all around the ground and lots of vendors bringing in exclusive merchandise.

As usual, the big names in the anime industry were plastered all over to their global recognition. They brought lots of hit anime series merchandise such as Love Live, Kancolle, Aldnoah Zero, Idolmaster and many more. The legendary ones such as One Piece and Naruto were also present.

The highlight of the exhibition hall was definitely the Camera 360 by Canon. All you had to do was to stand in the circle and jump! Your video will be processed afterwards and you could keep it too. Definitely a MUST TRY! Canon is really awesome as they provide free camera servicing (for Canon cameras only) and free photo-taking sessions. The best part of all is that they’ll help you process your photos and you get to keep them as a memory.

The ministage was the liveliest place of all. There was so many events happening on stage and all of it were returned with the loud cheers and scream of fans. There were meet-and-greet sessions with the special guests, artiste performances and the best part of all, FREEBIES! It was totally fun to jump around and get hyped up together with everyone and getting freebies was the most awesome part of all.

Last but not least, the Maid and Butler cafe and food vendors. This was a bit special as both maid and butlers were combined into one cafe. Lots and lots of people were delighted to be a royal for the day tended by the cute maids and charming butlers. There were a few food vendors as well with attractive things to offer.


Lawson had a ‘chance game’. If you purchased above a certain amount of stuff, you did get to spin the gacha. KanColle enthusiasts were going crazy over it just to get their ‘waifus’.


Apart from the exhibition, AFA TH also had a main stage showcasing their huge contents. It started everyday with the Cosplay All Stars Show. It was really fun to watch the cosplayers altogether on stage answering random questions by the entertaining host. There were artiste appearances and mini performances too. I remembered the lively and ultra cute performance by Nijicon! Everyone was dazzled even after the performance ended.

There were also movie screenings of other exclusive stuff. The main stage was fully occupied with entertaining activities throughout the day and transformed into a concert hall in the night.

Bangkok Comic Con was monstrously huge. Everything was huge. Huge venue. Huge Names in the industry and Huge Exhibition. The highlight wasn’t really on the exhibition but the ground and stage activities. They had a lot of promotions and freebies going around the event hall at almost every single booth. Even though the exhibition wasn’t the main highlight, it was still awesomely done.


The Mocking Jay stands tall promoting the latest series of The Hunger Games saga while the Throne sat glistering beside it. Tall figures of Superheroes and other mascots filled the halls. There were minions too! It was really a photo-worthy exhibition! Back to the main highlights, The Stage Events! The stage was filled with special guests appearances, special movie appearances and loads of activities. Daniel Logan (Star Wars Actor)was also present ! Other than the main stage and exhibition there were also official merchandise on sale at the Market Place. All in all, it was a very huge and eventful exhibition.

This collaboration between AFA TH x BCC 2015 was a huge success!

Well done AFA TH X BCC 2015! I hope there will be more of this collaboration from now on.

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