Japanese Idol Group STARMARIE, currently on their “STARMARIE ASIA TOUR 2015″~FANTASTIC~ powered by e-earphone Asia tour, has successfully completed their foray into Indonesia!


Performing over two days on Little Tokyo Blok M Ennichisai 2015’s Pop Culture Stage that happened on the 9th and 10th of May. STARMARIE stole the show both days with their dark gothic fantasy costumes and songs on the first day and with a lighter, more fairy aesthetic on the second.

The fans went wild during the song, “The Three-starred Restaurant -Paul’s invitation”which was performed live that day. That song was part of the repertoire for TOKYO HITS, an idol audition held prior to the event and many aspiring Indonesian girl idols sung and danced to this song.


STARMARIE has been staying busy outside of their live performance realm. They made an appearance on DREAMERS RADIO’s popular DJ GINZA show, “SAPI PERAH” on the morning of the 9th.

They also premiered the B-sides from their May 27-release album, “Net Auction Babies” in Japan. The girls really know how to have fun as during the show, they were tweeting pictures of their funny faces they made.


STARMARIE continued to inspire discussion through their talks on TRAX FM’s  Indonesia J-music specialty show “IROIRO” with comedian announcer MisterWillz and solo idols, Rachel Florencia and Rendy Y. Satyra on the afternoon of the 10th.


Even more impressively, on the 10th, STARMARIE’s Ennichisai2015 and radio successes earned them a last-minute live appearance on dahSyat, an Indonesian TV program which is regarded as Indonesia’s Music Station.

When STARMARIE members asked the MC, “How can STARMARIE become successful in Indonesia?”. They were ecstatic to hear his answer, “By making an appearance on our show” . STARMARIE was the fifth Japanese artist or group to be on the show, after AKB48, Denpagumi.inc, Eir Aoi, and Gackt.


After witty conversations with Ennichisai2015 CLA:H Pop Culture Stage MC Rinintha Pradiza, the five STARMARIE gave a rousing performance of fan favorite and Indonesian idol audition song, “The Three-starred Restaurant -Paul’s invitation”.

Their performance was lauded with loud cheers and applause, and the STARMARIE Facebook and Twitter pages flooded with comments and praise by the Indonesian fans.

Here below is the video of STARMARIE performing! –

Continuing on from their achievements in Indonesia, STARMARIE will be featured on Filipino anime cable TV show, Hero’s “HERO FACEOFF 2015: The Ultimate Cosplay Battle” on June 6, just prior to their  Manila show on June 7 at Solo Performance/sponsored event, STARMARIE PRESENTS~TOKYO COSPLAY BATTLE.

Here below is their schedule for their upcoming performances!;

【Upcoming International Performances 】

June – Manila, Philippines

・June 6 (Sat) – HERO FACEOFF 2015: The Ultimate Cosplay Battle


July  – Taiwan

・July 4 (Sat) – PIPE Live Music

・July 5 (Sun) – PIPE Live Music

October – China

・Oct 3 (Sat) – Zuhai, China Anime Fair

・Oct 4 (Sun) – Zuhai, China Anime Fair

【Japan Performance Schedule】

・May 19 (Tues) | 18:00 – Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST
– Honkaku Ongaku Joshi Festival-Sono Roku –

・May 21 (Thurs) | 18:00 – Shibuya DESEO
– STARMARIE~Nonchan Birthday LIVE~ –

・May 23 (Sat) | 17:00 – Osaka club vijon
– STARMARIE ASIA TOUR 2015~FANTASTIC~powered by e-earphone Osaka Independent Show –

・May 24 (Sun) | 11:30 – Osaka RUIDO
– Hazuki first full album release event【Kankin Rogoku SHOW”Jibaku NO.82″】-

・May 31 (Sun) | 11:30 – Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
-『LIVE Plus FESTIVAL』supported by Kimidake LIVE】-

・June 14 (Sun) | 17:00 – Osu RADHALL
– STARMARIE ASIA TOUR 2015~FANTASTIC~powered by e-earphone Nagoya Independent Show –

・June 22 (Mon) | 19:00 – Tokyo Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST
– STARMARIE ASIA TOUR 2015~FANTASTIC~powered by e-earphone Tokyo FINAL –

【“Net Auction Babies” (On Sale 5/27) Release Event Schedule】

・May 16 (Sat) | 12:00, 14:00- /
Tower Mini Diver City Tokyo Plaza Store Event Space

・May 17 (Sun) | 13:00-, 15:00- /
Tower Records Ario Mall Soga Store Ario Soga First Floor Outdoor Event Stage

・May 20 (Wed) | 19:00- /
Tower Records Hachioji Store Event Space

・May 26 (Tues) | 19:00- /
Tower Records Yokohama Vivre Event Space

・May 31 (Sun)
Akihabara Sofmap

Official Page: http://starmarie.syncl.jp
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/starmariejapan

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