Penang itself is a beautiful place filled with lots of cultural heritage. It’s capital Georgetown will host the Penang Anime Matsuri for very the first time this May. Come along this summer and join in the fun !

What is Penang Anime Matsuri ?

Penang Anime Matsuri

Penang Anime Matsuri is an event organized by SOZO ( Producer of AFA -Anime Festival Asia ) to give exposure to people about Japanese Pop and Anime Sub-culture. Malaysia hosts a diverse and ever-increasing number of such events, and Georgetown will be the next  place to play hosts for such an event. This event is to give everyone a phenomenal experience of this very unique culture spiced with a Malaysian-style presentation.


Creators Market


Malaysian anime events are always famous for their wide range of ‘doujin’ goods. This year, there will be a double feast: an Indoor Creators Market AND an Outdoor Doujin Night Market to whet your appetite of the amazing showcase of artworks and creations. Get your hands on the exclusive creations by your favorite ‘doujin’ artists at their booths or just come and have a look. I am sure there will be something that catches your eye.

If you’re an artist/creator and wish to showcase your artwork, you can apply for your booth at : 


Special Cosplay Guests



Flying in from Taiwan to join us at the Summer Party would be the adorable Mon, who is well known for portraying cute feminine characters. Despite her young age, Mon quickly rose to fame in the cosplay community and has been invited to many local and overseas conventions as a special guest. Let us all give her a warm welcome when she comes and play with us.


Hana & Baozi

baozi hana

China’s famous cosplay duo Hana & Baozi will also be visiting! Both are famed and adored for their BL (Boys Love) cosplays as well as their extremely good looks. Hana and Baozi are both so cute together whether in cosplay or not! Come and enjoy the event with this this charming and loving duo.


Ying Tze

ying tze 2

Malaysia’s very own Cosplay Queen, Ying Tze will also be joining the fun. Ying Tze is very dedicated in making her costumes. She puts in a 110% of effort into even the tiniest bit of costume detail. Apart from her amazing costume-making skills, she is also as talented when she cosplays different kinds of characters from various anime series. She also generously shares her costume-making tutorials on her Facebook page. Do check her out!




Angie personally has a cute and sweet personality which makes her really suitable for cosplaying cute girly (Moe) characters. She recently released a new photobook featuring her cute cosplays  of characters from ‘Love Live’. Hopefully she will bring it along with her this time and you guys could get your hands on the exclusive photos inside!




Last but not least, Taiwan’s cosplay rising star, Shimo will also be visiting Penang for the first time. Her sweet and natural doll-like features have charmed and captured the heart and souls of fans all over the globe. Come and meet this little cutie pie in person.


Guest Illustrator – KiDChan


Cyanparade or KidChan is a part time art teacher who also does lots of illustrations during her free time. Her works have been used for various Taiwanese light novels as well as Samsung phone cases. This talented illustrator and artist will conduct a  live workshop on stage at the indoor auditorium during Penang Anime Matsuri.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t know of KiDChan//cyanparade yet, you can visit her art galleries at : 


Guest Illustrator – Ikkyuu


Ikkyuu is a Japanese Illustrator famous for his ‘chibi’ works. He is most well-known for his illustration of Mirai Suenaga ( Culture Japan- Danny Choo’s mascot) and her friends. Apart from his works detailing Culture Japan’s famous mascot as well as her ‘moekana’ and ‘moekanji’ Learning Japanese flashcard line, he has also collaborated with several government bodies and business organisations to create ‘kawaii’ mascots. Ikkyuu is really happy to create ‘kawaii’ illustrations and he is happy to know that the fans and viewers love them as well.

Here’s Ikkyuu’s gallery oozing with his ‘kawaii’ illustrations :


Anisong Concert, DJ Party and The Artiste

This year, get electrified as you enjoy the night time summer breeze! The first ever Anisong Live Outdoor Concert in Penang will also feature a DJ Party at the end of the festival, featuring two talented DJs! Come cheer, dance and sing the night away along with your favorite artist all the way from Japan!

*For those interested in the Anisong Concert , a ticket will be required. The DJ Party, however, is free for everyone!

Get your tickets here :


DJ Tekina//Something a.ka Yuyoyuppe


DJ Tekina // Something a.k.a. Yuyoyuppe is known for remixing musics from different genres, such as JPOP, SFX, Anime, Idol and Western pop. He also specializes in high pitch and sharp sounds, with dubstep and brostep forming the basis of his repertoire. Creating Vocaloid music had elevated DJ Tekina // Something to fame and he rose even higher as he became the official remixer for BABYMETAL and was in charge of remixing “MEGITSUNE” and “Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!” (Both are their chat-topping songs ) . DJ Tekina // Something is also actively performing in several Japanese music festivals and will also be rocking the house at Penang Anime Matsuri!


Hachioji P 


The Prince of Vocaloid Music, Hachioji P is internationally recognized as a music creator, remixer and DJ of Vocaloid music. His distinctive style in producing dance music instantly pushed him into Vocaloid World’s Hall of Fame. Hachioji P collaborated with famous creators, such as kz of livetune, for Playstation Vita’s ‘Hatsune Miku – Project DIVA f’. He was involved in producing music for real vocalists like Shouko Nakagawa and Hikari Shiina and also did arrangements for Kikkawa Yuu, Watanabe Mayu (AKB48) and Hirano Aya. As a pro-active DJ, he has been featured at various concerts and conventions and will be rocking the stage at Penang Anime Matsuri so don’t miss out the fun.



Born on 31 May in the Kansai region, she began musical activities in 2006. Yanaginagi aims to create music that is fairy tale like, with nostalgic scenes of a casual lifestyle. Yanaginagi also sang for supercell, as a guest vocalist under the name “nagi” in 2009. In 2012, she achieved her major solo debut, had released 8 singles and 2 album to date. She is also actively engaged in overseas live performances. Yanaginagi continues to impress the world with her delicate voice which will be etched in your hearts and continue to expand her reach all the way to Penang Anime Matsuri. Come and sing along with Yanaginagi this summer.


 Mika Kobayashi

Mika Kobayashi

Hiroshima born Mika is a passionate singer who engaged herself in various projects such as singing for Anime and TV series theme songs as well as ‘Kaiseki’ (stage play). She was featured in anime soundtracks such as Attack on Titan, Gundam UC, Guilty Crown, Ao no Exorcist and many more. She also successfully holds her live performances abroad at the age of 32 and performed in Europe every year. Kobayashi-san also participates in Kamui solo performance,  at “Blue Note”, a famous Jazz Palace of Poland. Currently, she’s focusing on perfoming in live houses in Tokyo. She performs in various parts of Japan as well and will be performing for us all at Penang Anime Matsuri, so get your tickets now to avoid disappointment.


 Penang Anime Matsuri X Yosakoi Penang 

Penang Anime Matsuri X Yosakoi Penang

Penang Anime Matsuri will be collaborating with Yosakoi Penang to bring you the fullest ‘Matsuri’ feel. Come along and showcase your kimonos and yukatas!


Cosplay Singles Competition


Do you love cosplaying at events? Come along to Penang Anime Matsuri in your cosplay and get spotted by our lovely guest cosplayers! Your name and contact will be collected and you will be able to compete with other lucky winners on stage! Cash prizes of RM1000 , RM500 and RM250 to be WON!!! Do not miss out this golden opportunity ! 


Ticketing Information 

ticketIf you want to have the fullest experience at Penang Anime Matsuri, then it would be best to get the tickets. There are several different passes to accommodate to your personal needs.

1. Exhibition + Stage Access

The Exhibition + Stage Access allows you to the indoor exhibition area where all the exciting and fun activities will be held. There will also be lots of exclusive merchandises and ‘doujin’ work in the indoor exhibition hall and I am sure you would not want to miss all of that out. As for the stage, it will be filled with interesting activities such as cosplay workshop, cosplay competition, meet and greet and many many more.

Here’s the Indoor Stage Schedule for both days! Only more reason for you to come along to Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party and make sure you get the tickets for full experience !

stage guide

The tickets will ONLY BE SOLD on the event day at the Entrance. Sale starts at 10 a.m on Day 1 (22nd May 2015) & 8 a.m on Day 2 (23rd May 2015). The ticket is only RM1o and you can purchase with CASH ONLY .

2. Exhibition + Stage + Concert Access

Want to enjoy the event VIP mode? Then this package is totally for you. For those who are interested in watching the concert and roam around the event grounds you will need to get the Exhibition + Stage + Concert Access  for RM128 ONLY! For this package, you are able to purchase online at

( ONLINE TICKETING : ) and redeem your tickets during the event day!


Looking for a place to stay?


Check out Hotel Royal Penang. It’s a 4-star hotel strategically located in Georgetown and exist to provide you the comfort and luxury you need. They are also giving out a special offer for Penang Anime Matsuri visitors, so hurry up and grab your chance now. Book at RM162/night Nett inclusive of breakfast for two pax!


Where? and How to go ?


9.00 a.m -7.oo p.m : Indoor event at Dewan Sri Penang

6.00 p.m – 11 p.m : Matsuri Festival at Esplanade Park

For those who want to travel by Public Transport, you can hop on the Free Rapid Penang Bus.

For those who wants to drive instead , Please Use a GPS.


Event : Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015

Date : 23 and 24 May 2015

Venue : Esplanade Georgetown

For more info about Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015 , Please visit :

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